Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Coming Trip

The Coming Trip by Balisha

The robins were discussing just a day or two ago,
About this cold, cold, winter... with lots and lots of snow.
They were getting things all ready... for a trip so soon up North,
The female was just fretting and flitting to and forth.

She said to Mr. Robin...."I really think you should,
Talk to Mr Cardinal...I really wish you would.
This trip will be the first... for our youngest one you know,
I really don't believe we should go with all this snow."
The cardinal was the bravest of northern birds I'm told,
He faced the cruelest weather of snow and sleet and cold.
His judgement could be trusted about the trip so long,
He loved his little friends and wouldn't steer them wrong. 
He said to wait awhile... till spring was really here,
When things warmed up a bit...they'd  have nothing left to fear.
They took his word and stayed behind... a day or two or more,
The weather changed and coming north wasn't such a chore.

The wren listened carefully... to what the birds were saying,
Her own trip was coming soon... and she was left there praying.
She watched them as they left... on that very chilly day,
"Thank God my trip won't come... until the month of May:)"


  1. This is so darn cute I am just chuckling ... : )

  2. Ah, a trip would be nice! I replaced my IMac with an IMac. It practically set itself up. Alas, my old one crashed and is holding my photos captive. I'll take it in so see what can be salvaged if anything.


  3. Cute little birds! Wishing you a wonderful afternoon.

  4. What a beautiful little poem about the birds - also loved the pictures that went with it!

  5. SIMPLY WONDERFUL, Balisha!!!

  6. How clever, Balisha! You are such a talented poet!

  7. Your pictures are wonderful so as your words!!

  8. This is like reading a children's book. Wonderful!