Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Morning

Nice day today....the warm weather is coming. I just talked to my daughter and she has rain today in DC.
We are going out to dinner this no cooking.
My Easter decorations are going up this week. Everything is cleaned and ready. The mantle looks bare without any greenery, but in a couple of days, my sprays of pastel eggs will make it look springy. I still have to make some decorations for the little woodland tree. Nothing elaborate...simple is the word.
I heard about the earthquakes in Ca. this morning on the news. I worry about my blogger friends who live there. I hope that they are will be good to hear from them soon.
I've been searching for the little Juncos. They are the little snow birds who come in the fall and leave in spring. I haven't seen one in the last couple of days. Where do they go next? I'll have to research that one. Let you know tomorrow.
We are getting a late start and my tummy is telling me that it's time to eat. So, here I go into the clean kitchen to mess it up with sausage and eggs. Maybe I'll have French toast.
Back later,


  1. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast! I, too, am thinking about bringing out the Easter far today I did not do it I worked on a Thanksgiving project instead. I have another full work week...maybe next weekend...

  2. I decided I will bring up my spring decorations this week, too. And I want to make a spring banner for in front of the fireplace.

    There seems to be a lot of disastrous happenings lately...the Malaysian plane disappearing. The mudslide in Washington state. The earthquakes. The El train crash. It hard to watch the news lately.

    I do appreciate the good weather we are having. And even if it gets cold again, which I'm sure it will, at least we had a brief taste of it!


  3. It's worth it to mess it up for sausage and eggs, Balisha. :)