Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Comes to My Favorite Magazine

You might wonder why people spend so much more for a Country Living magazine from the UK than they do for the US version. There is no comparison. I hesitated about subscribing last year. The cost was really so much more than I had ever spent on a magazine. I don't subscribe to many magazines, but Country Living has always been a favorite of mine...the US version. At one time I had about 10 yrs of magazines in my "hoard." I learned that the older issues were so much better than the present ones. I loved some of the Jo Northrup. Hers was always the last article  in the magazine...A Simple Country Pleasure. I started seeing so many modern things that really didn't fit my particular style. At that time I was strictly country. My decorating included many antiques and primitives. I really had a hard time cancelling my subscription. 
I heard about the UK version when I started this blog several years ago. I kept reading about the magazine...although I had never held an issue in my hands until I subscribed last year. My first issue was the Christmas issue. I wasn't disappointed. I thought that many magazines have a good Dec. issue....the next Jan issue would be the test. It was as good as the Dec.  This past Christmas, Joe gave me a subscription renewal for a gift. I can't wait to get to the mailbox to get this magazine. Here are a few pictures from the magazine. 

Just look at the beautiful colors. Wouldn't you just love this wooden basket of goodies? They tempt you with that little knitted bunny, the shears in the old wooden spool, letters and cards, fabric and hydrangeas. Just look at the pretty springlike dress in the background.

Here a garden bench, with galvanized watering can. Boots with a floral design, (I wouldn't want to get them dirty),old terra cotta, ole garden tools, and a background of a table set with a tea party.I can almost smell the roses.

 This article and pictures was a favorite of mine. Many wallpapers were shown...some wallpapers featured vintage seed packets. What a busy collection with so many things to see.

At the end....another flowered dress and a woman holding a glass cake plate filled with delicate cupcakes with pale pink frosting and pics with flowers.
I could have shown so much more....the magazine isn't filled with just these pretty things...other articles about decorating, crafts, houses, gardens (oh the gardens... the English know how to make beautiful flower gardens), food, travel, and health. I can't say enough about this magazine...It's my favorite.


  1. I never thought about the uk version. The photos are certainly outstanding. What a thoughtful gift to give you since you enjoy it so much!

  2. This is news to me - that a magazine here would be so much different than in the UK. I would prefer the more traditional "country living" as well. Happy reading ~

  3. I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore. And I use to have so many. But I was telling Judy last week that we should look into this very magazine. I haven't seen one either. Because the American version just isn't worth it anymore. I think you've convinced me! I use to keep every single issue of the American CL. I use to buy up ones I didn't have at flea markets. Now I've tossed them all.

  4. I, too, loved reading Country Living a good 25 years ago and especially Jo Northrup's feature. My home was decorated in a subtle country style for awhile. And like many, my interest in the magazine waned in the past few years and I stopped buying it. I picked up the UK version once last year and just could not identify with the featured homes (both were very modern!), and none of the articles interested me. Maybe I never gave it a proper chance. These pictures make me think that there may be some redeeming qualities in the magazine that I missed!


  5. It seems the magazine subscriptions have gone up as more and more people are writing their stories and posting their pictures on blogs--instead of in the magazines they used to work with. I too love(d) Country Living. Now, all I can afford it Birds and Blooms and it only comes out 4 times a year

  6. Country L USA isn't even close to what it used to be. Plus it hardly has any pages, lol...takes less than 30 sec to skim thru it in the grocery store and put it down. The UK one looks wonderful ( like it should :)