Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, March 10, 2014

I Love Greenhouses

I've always had a desire to own a greenhouse. Not a big one...just a little one where I can putter among the plants and grow some tropicals. Just a little spot in the backyard....maybe even attached to the house, where I could go in and out during the cold winter. Now, I'm starting to get  fancier. I've always heard from my better half...that it is too costly to own one....too difficult to could we leave it, if we were to go on a trip...and so forth and so on. So, I guess that owning my own greenhouse just isn't in the cards for me.
I am fascinated by greenhouses....I love the old rundown ones and the very modern glass houses. Before I lived here, I visited many greenhouses. One in particular was an orchid house. My husband took me there one winter day, when the snow was falling. There weren't any customers that day...just us. It was magical inside the steamy house with orchids everywhere. I looked up and saw the snow falling in the cold outside and the warmth of the tropical greenhouse all around me. A nice memory.
Another greenhouse was one that I visited often. It was owned by a family...and they all took part in keeping it going. In the spring, our garden club would get our geraniums there. Tales of the plastic roof caving in, the heaters off because of power failure were common. I even pitched in one morning and helped them move plants from one house to another because of a power failure. This greenhouse was more unkempt that others, but where could you have such a wonderful visit while looking for plants.
Farther away was another favorite. This greenhouse specialized in geraniums....rows upon rows of them in every color...pinks, purples, reds, whites etc. Such healthy and sturdy plants. I had a hard time deciding which colors I wanted. This place was so commercialized.....not the friendly little hometown greenhouse I loved.
There's a greenhouse close by my house now. It has gifts, and plants. A nice combination. In the winter, I like to take a trip there and look at the houseplants...and a little side trip to see all the pretties for homes. A very friendly staff...almost as friendly as the one I spoke of earlier.
I can spot a greenhouse a mile away. Everything from the shiniest glass houses to the tiny broke down greenhouse at some one's residence. I always wonder why they would let the little glass house get into such disrepair? Don't they realize what a treasure they have...right in their own backyard? I would have given anything for one years ago, but that time is over and now I have to settle for things like something called....

The Wardian case which was an early type of sealed protective container for plants, an early version of the terrarium. It found great use in the 19th century in protecting foreign plants imported to Europe from overseas, the great majority of which had previously died from exposure during long sea journeys, frustrating the many scientific and amateur botanists of the time. The Wardian case was the direct forerunner of the modern terrarium (and the inspiration for the glass aquarium)

I have a small one that I use at Christmas time. Now, I'm looking for one that is a little bigger. At my age...a little glass house to set on the table will be enough for me. 


  1. Balisha, we continue to be similar in so many ways.
    Always a greenhouse
    I desired.
    Years ago they had torn down one at the local Walmart
    and I checked into purchasing, having it moved and someone put it back together.
    So many thoughts arised of the care
    and never went forward :)

  2. Ernestine...Without even reading your comment...I knew that you would have liked having a greenhouse. You and I would have taken such care in maintaining one. It's something that you and I both would have enjoyed. I have few regrets...this is one of them.

  3. Just this weekend, we noticed a neighbor has a couple of small greenhouses in his back area. We visited an orchid greenhouse one day, too and it was very pretty. Hope you have a good night.

  4. I agree with everything you said. I always wanted a greenhouse, but hubby, well, he told me all the things Joe told you. AND, I love terrariums and have been thinking of putting one together. At least Maggie the Cat couldn't eat the plants. :-)

  5. As I was growing up, there was a green house in the neighborhood. I went there with my mom a few times and always found it so interesting. Among the many plants there, the one I liked most was the huge jade plant they had there. It must have been decades old. I was sad to see the green house torn down just a few years ago.

    Wardian cases are lovely. Through the years, I have had many different terrariums. They are a lot of fun.

    My mom had a fairly large cold frame for many years. It was on the south side of the house and was made of wood on the sides, and glass windows on the top. They lifted up for access. I hadn't thought about mom's cold frame in years. For some reason, I can't remember what she grew in it. It seems like she may have started a lot of plants in it. Thanks for rattling my memory bank. I will have to ask my dad what mom used to grow in the cold frame.

  6. I think that a lot of people use cold frames to start their tender veggies in the spring.
    The husband I spoke of wasn't was my first husband who passed away. By the time I married Joe, it was just a little thought still in the back of my mind....I knew it just wasn't something to take on at our age.

  7. One of my sister's neighbors has a little greenhouse...always envied it :)