Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Everybody Is Irish

I wish my dinner was done....I could have shown a picture of it. This is the way I have done corned beef for the last few years. It's the NYC recipe. Three type written sheets of paper to follow. Go to the website and check it out. All of this could be condensed into enough information to put on a recipe card.....but I like to pull out the recipe and follow's written for someone who is  new to the kitchen.  Basically you just cook the corned beef in a pot of water, along with the seasonings from the packet and some extra peppercorns. Then add the small potatoes, carrots, and cabbage later on. It all takes about 4 hours.

I learned from this recipe that this isn't made on St. Pats. day in Ireland and that carrots aren't used either. I love I fix a lot of them.All the little tid bits of information in this very long recipe are interesting.

I can remember my Mom and Dad on St. Patrick's day. Mom would wear a bit of green and they would go to lunch. A restaurant called Paul's (a Greek restaurant) had the best corned beef according to the two of them. An owner named Stella, served some of her favorite recipes and she and my Mom were food buddies. Dad didn't really like this meal...he just loved Mom and wanted to please her. My birthday is in March and we always had this for my special day. We called it a "boiled dinner" Poor Dad had to suffer through two of these meals in March. Mom had no Irish roots, but my dad did. So, when I make this meal....I always think of Dad....sitting there across from me, with a smile on his face. I found out a lot of his likes and dislikes after Mom died. There were several things that they ate...with Mom thinking that he enjoyed them.  He was one of those special men who delighted in pleasing 
his family...especially Mom. 
So, if you are going out for an Irish dinner, or cooking at home....remember that on St. Patrick's Day...everyone is Irish.



  1. Cute story about your dad wanting to please your mom. Cooked carrots are a fav of my husband. Wishing you a nice St. Patrick's Day.

  2. That is so sweet that your dad ate something that he really didn't care for because he did care for (and love) his wife!
    I don't know anyone like that today! My dad didn't care for casseroles but he was taught to eat what was fixed and be glad to have it!

  3. That was so sweet of your dad to eat what he wasn't fond of because he loved his wife! I don't know any men like that today.
    My dad didn't care for casseroles, but he ate them. He was taught to eat what was fixed for him and be glad to have it. The only thing my husband won't eat is "innards." Liver, heart, brains. I like liver and onions and only eat them at certain restaurants.

  4. Sweet dad! :) I always heard of it as Boiled Dinner too or New England Boiled Dinner...