Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's Thoughts

 Here is our driveway project all finished. I should say Joe's project. We had Blue Rug Junipers planted there for several years. Before they were planted Joe put down a barrier and then mulch to make sure no weeds could grow. As the years went by, grass began to grow in between the shrubs. These junipers are prickly and very hard to weed between. The shrubs were growing and so was the grass. It looked so messy and it was getting hard for Joe and I to get in there and pull the grass. He said at one time, "You try to get grass to grow in a certain spot and just can't get it to grow....and here, where we don't want it to flourishes."

He thought about it for a while and asked Jeff, the man who mows, if he would help us out, by removing the shrubs. Jeff came with a couple of helpers and got rid of the shrubs and put down a barrier with mulch. He also edged along the driveway, so that the mulch will stay where it's put. We went shopping for some very large containers and the soil to fill them. Our grocery was having an end of planting season sale on geraniums. 88 cents apiece. We bought a flat of 18 and put 9 on each side. I know it would look better with some taller plants in the middle and some plants trailing down, but this is far away from a water source and it's supposed to be "easy" Soon enough it will fill in and be full of blooms. Joe and I went a couple of days ago and bought the stepping stones. It's finished and now bring on the heat that those geraniums love so much.

Today is absolutely beautiful. High 70's and sunshine all day. Our carpets are going to be cleaned today and we can just sit and watch someone else work LOL  Our projects, around the house, are done and now we can just enjoy each day as it comes.

The statue was moved and yesterday I transplanted some huge hostas and planted a couple of Snowday Blizzard Pearl Bushes. These are fast growers and will grow to about 5-6 feet tall. Perfect for the woods border. Now there are a forsythia, crab apple, lilac, redbud tree, small maple, Korean Spice Vibernum, a 2nd lilac, another red bud, several blue hostas and now some chartreuse, and these two bushes all across the border of the woods. This should be pretty when they all get growing. I have always wanted color there and maybe I'll have it. I forgot....honeysuckle in three different places grown in a cage with blue bird houses.

Well, the carpet man is here and I have to get out of this room so he can work. Have a nice day...wherever  you are.


  1. Boy is Joe ever right about the grass!

    Looks nice there / very neat and maintainable!

    The white bush is just stunning in bloom.

  2. I know what Joe means about grass! We finally gave up a few years ago and heavily mulched. So far, so good. Geraniums give such rewards for so little care.


  3. I think the white back on the border of the woods is going to look great--brighten up everything.

  4. I really love all your flowers and flowering shrubs. I wish I could do more here but this used to be a graveled parking lot and it is impossible to do more.

  5. Joe's project is working out well. It's so easy to water and get the plants established. I've planted so many wrong things back in the woods...Now I want things that show up from the house. Things re finally getting bigger to block out the weeds behind them.
    Margie...I'm amazed that anything can grow in what was once a gravel parking lot. You have solved the problem with your raised beds.