Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Giant Hostas

I learned the the Hosta Farm was having a sale. I checked it out, because I wanted a few chartreuse, large, hostas for the woods border. When I ordered the  hostas from the I was expecting a small start of a jumbo plant....Sum and Substance.  Instead, much to my surprise, a long box arrived with my very tall hostas. They were  planted in an Ellepot....a pot that you plant right in the soil. It looks like some very hard roots all bound together. I always loosen the roots and spread them out when I plant, but there was no loosening these roots. I planted them and the next day we had a shower. Then during the night a nice soaking rain. You might think that the woods is a damp area. It really isn't. The soil gets so hard back there  that you can't dig a hole in the late fall. As I look out the window, I can see the tall leaves blowing in the breeze. It won't be long before these beauties are 3-4 ft tall with a span of up to 6 ft.

Today is showery and I started the day out by cleaning the fridge. Ours gets so messy and things can't be found. :) Do you think we have too much of a selection of things in our fridge? :) I do....We have company coming for Father's Day this weekend and I need room for food that I'm going to fix. We're having a beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, chopped salad, whole green beans and cheesecake for dessert.

I need to get busy. The rain has stopped already and I will probably go out and do a little yard work.

Have a nice day,


  1. Hi Balisha, I love the hosta. You got your money's worth!
    Your father's day meal sounds very delicious.
    Have a good afternoon. Mildred

  2. Oh my
    the meal sounds delicious
    Just me
    so something simple.
    I need to separate my hosta's
    they have really grown in 4 years..

  3. Boy are they beautiful!!! I have a Hosta that needs to be separated. I know right where he is going. Now--if I can just get him undug and replanted.

  4. I have several huge hostas already. It's so hard for me to separate them. I have to step on the shovel with my left foot and that doesn't work too well. Anyway I have let them go too long this year. The optimum time is in the early spring, when they are just emerging. Since I missed that time, I just ordered a couple more.

  5. How nice to get such large hosta starts! Sum and Substance is a great hosta and I am sure you will love it in your woodland garden. Your Father's Day meal sounds delicious. I wish I was invited!

    1. If you lived would be on my list :)
      Have a great weekend....B