Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, December 22, 2014

I Wasn't Going to Bake Cookies

 I didn't plan on baking cookies this year. Maybe just a few for us to let us know it's Christmas. We are celebrating Christmas day with Joe's son Dan and his lady, Mel. Mel loves my cookies. She was disappointed that I hadn't made any on Thanksgiving.
 So, when I called Dan and asked what I could bring...he said "Christmas cookies." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't bake any. So early this morning, I started baking. Four kinds of cookies are sitting in containers...waiting to be arranged on a plate to go to Mel and Dan. Cutouts (what would Christmas be without cutouts?) molasses crinkles..(one of my favorites...anything with ginger and molasses) and the Eagle Brand layer cookies. I made rum balls a while back...they are getting mellow in the fridge.
Of course when Joe came home...he had to sample them to make sure that they are good. I guess they passed the test. After these pics were taken, I made the layered ones with Eagle Brand Milk. I wouldn't have frosted the cut outs if I was the only one eating them, but Joe loves frosting. 
So, we will have cookies on Christmas day. I didn't make there won't be any for the birds.


  1. Your cookies look so tasty! My husband and late mom were always big fans of rum balls! You are very sweet to make these to share for Christmas. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I wasn't making cookies this year either, but now have on my list ingredients to make fudge. Gotta have some treat! Dan and Mel will love them (and you!!)

  3. Your cookies look yummy and pretty.

    Happy Christmas with your family!!

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady