Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Friday in December

A chilly morning...with lots to do. Joe on his way to put wreaths on graves of family members and I am off to go shopping;
Waiting in line for half an hour at the dollar store made me change my plans to go further to bigger grocery. I'll shop in town at our smaller store.
Several people asked if they could help me today....did I look tired or that I needed help...I wonder?
The grocery busy with people stocking shelves. I asked if this is their normal day to do this and was's Christmas and everyone in town is baking.
I decided to give some coffee mugs filled with candies instead of baking so many cookies. So many candies are wrapped in pretty foil papers...those and a wrap of see through cellophane, tied with a bright ribbon will be pretty. I looked closely at the candies and found that many are chocolate flavored....not what I wanted. I splurged and got the Godiva truffles and some other good chocolates. So many chocolates are filled with corn syrup and not real chocolate. I guess you have to read the labels on candies too.
My car trunk was full...oh how I wished that Joe was home. I unloaded the trunk and put the things on the counter and table. Before I put things away, I sat in the dining room and turned on my radio to Christmas music and filled the coffee cups with the chocolates. They look so pretty.
Putting the canned goods away, I straightened the shelves a bit. The shelves and fridge are full now. I put together a pot of clam chowder for us for dinner today. A couple cans of clam chowder, a couple cans of minced clams, one can of half and half, some lemon pepper, parsley, shredded cheddar, and a good splash of cream sherry. I toasted some croutons and fried some bacon to crumble on top. Joe called and asked if I had eaten just after I finished a bowl of soup. He didn't want he went for a fish fry. He doesn't know what he missed.
I sat with the candles burning, the tree lit, and watched the movie The Moon is Blue. An old movie that Mom and I saw on a trip to Chicago years ago. I was a young teen and this "risque" movie was just out.... and Mom let me see it. William Holden and David Niven were among the stars.
The day is about over and I am tired. If I looked tired in town this morning....I sure feel it now.
Have a nice evening,


  1. I sometimes ask people if I can help--like get something off a high shelf for them in the grocery store. Maybe people were just being nice to you because it is the "nice" time of year? I love the critter tree!

  2. How nice you have a radio station that plays Christmas music. I would like that. That is a good gift idea, nice quality candy in a coffee cup.

  3. Hope you're getting some rest. We spent the day Christmas shopping. Luckily, we had beautiful weather for December. Not too busy, but tomorrow we have a few things to still gather and then I have got to get some decorations up! Take care.

  4. I miss your posts! I hope (always) to get back on a schedule of visiting everyone a bit every day. Somehow when I look at all that has to be done I get overwhelmed. And then I'm guilty for turning on my computer! :)

    Your day sounds like it was one of those "go with the flow and enjoy the moments" sort of day! The soup sounds good, seafood is not something I think of in the winter and now I am inspired to try your clam chowder! You also inspired me with the mugs filled with candy! I bake and bring the goodies with to our Christmas family get together's, but for gifts, the candy in the mugs sounds fantastic!

    Happy Holidays to you!

    Jane x

  5. I enjoyed reading about your day. I'm not inspired to make many Christmas cookies this year either. I might make one or two batches to give as gifts, but that's it. Years ago, I knocked myself out making a ton of cookies. Chocolates in a mug is a great gift, especially when they're good chocolates.

  6. I think it's tiring to shop and be in line with a lot of people....then have to lug everything in.

    I like your critter tree in the previous post. It looks even cuter than I thought it would be :)

  7. I'm not a great fan of fish soups...but your description of the Clam Chowder made my mouth water! I hope that you're feeling less tired today. Jx