Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Angel Played the Harp

This is a Christmas memory of mine from kindergarten in 1943.

As you enter the school...visualize a huge area with class rooms all around. The highly polished wooden floor was used as a gym and also where we had special programs. There was a piano there as well. I was in kindergarten and looking forward to Santa Claus and everything Christmas. My dad was over seas was war time. We were going to celebrate Christmas without my dad for the first time. It was going to be a rather sparse holiday. I think that teachers were trying their best to make this a good Christmas for little ones. We had a little band in our classroom....we children playing simple instruments and Mrs. Blair playing the piano. I think that most teachers played the piano in those days. I always wanted to play the triangle, but never did. I usually played the wooden blocks that you struck with a stick to keep time. We started the day by saying the pledge of allegiance to our flag. A room full of little children with hands over their proud and serious. It was my turn to hold the flag, as my dad was in the army. I remember being so proud. 
We went on to do our normal activities....listening to a story, using that big paste jar...finishing up our Christmas projects, we had our little milk it was chocolate milk for me. This was a treat because I usually had to have white milk. Joe reminds me that we kept our milk money in  little hankies...tied in the corner with a knot. We might have had cookies instead of graham crackers and then nap time, where we would rest on our little individual rugs. Today was a special day, because our teacher, Mrs. Blair, brought her harp to school for our program in the big hall. I can see it now....little children climbing the stairs to the big hall and taking our places sitting on the floor. She began to play....I had never heard such a sound..... not even in Church. Christmas carols seemed to be written for this instrument. We all joined in by singing the songs that we all knew by heart. The children were so attentive and no one spoke out of turn. I don't remember anything else about that program. Maybe there was a Santa...I don't recall. The memory that has lasted all my life was my teacher playing that harp. I had heard of Angels playing harps in Church....and Mrs. Blair played that harp like an Angel.

Merry Christmas,


  1. I love a harp
    and memories of Jamie's wedding
    a slight breeze as she came down the stone steps
    her beautiful dress blowing slightly
    and a friend was playing the harp.
    A small and beautiful wedding...

  2. I really enjoyed this. So many wonderful details that you remember. A precious, Christmas post. God blesses us in ways we could never imagine!

  3. What a wonderful memory! Hearing a strange and mysterious instrument like a harp is still a magical experience to this day! I'm sure the first time I heard a harp was on TV, I honestly can't remember the first time I heard a live performance. They really are not all that common and I think are still worthy of wonderment! Thanks for sharing your story, it is so sweet. ...and maybe Mrs. Blair was an Angel! I've been watching lots of Hallmark Christmas movies with Angels ... so anything is possible!! Merry Christmas!

  4. You just posted about my life in Kindergarten too--when we stayed all day and napped on our rugs. I was thrilled when I got to play the Triangle in Kindergarten band--I'm sorry you didn't. I remember walking into that big gym,, with the shiny wooden floor--the bigger kids behind us. We only had a piano, but we sang all the Christmas songs and had a live nativity on stage. I don't think many public schools nowadays would be allowed to have a live Nativity. Oh, they could have Santa, but not the "real reason for the season." Loved this post Balisha--it brought back so many memories of happy times.

  5. What a wonderful memory. I do remember some things from Kindergarten but not a Christmas program!
    And the harp! We lived across the street from a family with a daughter a few years older than I - another only child. She actually had a harp and took lessons! It is a heavenly sounding instrument and I was so lucky to be near one and hear her play. My efforts were on the piano for several years.

  6. Oh, what a wonderful Christmas story, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing this great memory of yours.
    Have a blessed and happy Christmas.