Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Next Year

Next many times do we hear gardeners say those words? We start saying that as soon as the gardens start to take off. Next year, I'll do it this way, next year I'll plant this, next year I'll do it differently. I'm guilty of this....I start in as soon as I see something beautiful in another's garden, or as soon as the weather just doesn't cooperate and I have to drag that hose, or as soon as I see something that I like, in a color that I've never been crazy about. I make notes during the growing season and also this blog is good for keeping track of what did well and what has to go. I go back and look at pictures that I post, and see how things looked at certain times of the year. This year I've been seeing pretty much the same old... same old. So here I year I want to make some simple changes. 
First of container on the corner in front is made of a fibrous material...kind of like those things that they use in funerals and hold flowers. I don't know where it came from, but it has to go. It dries out so quickly and has to be watered sometimes twice a day. It was a dark color and I wanted that at the time.
The plants that I put there did well, however. The little filler below, a purplish-blue flower called Whirlwind Blue Fan Flower (scaevola) has bloomed it's head off. It has filled in beautifully and cascades down, covering some of the pot. I'll be sure to get this one again. The plant that I thought I would like....Kent's Beauty Ornamental Oregano...really didn't appeal to me as it grew. I had high hopes for this, but it is too pale in color and right now, I want color.

 I've been looking at Crocosmia Neptune... and think that I might like to try this for a change. Talk about color! I'll have to move some things out of the way, so this can have an undisturbed location. I wish that it could be planted in the fall, but everywhere I go they say available for spring shipment. When I get an idea...I like to go with it and not have to wait a whole season. I may place this where the container was and not bother with the container next year. The purple asters are about to bloom... just behind where I want to place this plant. The asters often look kind of dried and ratty on the bottom and the foliage of the crocosmia would cover that. I like the combination of purple and orange too.

 This year has been a dream year for gardeners in my area. Nice days and not too hot. I've been able to work in the garden most everyday. A little at a time is the way I like to do it now. I have found that if you keep at it, working for small increments of time, it all gets done. Things always look tidy. I don't work for hours there anymore...maybe as little as 20 min a day keeps things up. 
Soon, the dreaded fall cleanup will be upon us. I'm starting already by taking in some of the garden ornaments, clearing some of the foliage that can be taken down hosta stalks. While I do that, I often cut back some things. The hostas are the hardest things to clean up in the fall....and I have a lot of hostas. Leaving them until they turn color gives the garden a little fall color and at the same time soften the leaves so they can just be raked out.
Oh, I get tired just thinking about it all. A day at a time, Balisha. Just a few minutes a day and it will be done. Then hours in the house finding things to do, and looking out the window at snow. 


  1. I've already been saying "next year", in fact, I've been making a list for next year! I like purple and orange as well and think the Croscosmia Neptune and your purple asters would look lovely together. Cleaning up the garden has already started here, too.

  2. I spend more time planning on "next year", then I do taking care of this crop, LOL. I have pictures out of garden magazine, other's blogs. When I see a color I want, I get the name and everything about it and put it all into my gardening file folder. I have charts, maps and spread sheets from the last 20 years of every garden I ever had--what the plants cost--a map showing where they were planted in the garden...on and on and on it goes. Then, in March, I start the "real" panning stages for that year's garden and planters. At least--we have that to look forward to. Something on the horizon, other than worry about our aches and pains!

  3. Next year is always being talked about regarding gardens. I have a "next year" list too.

  4. I trimmed our hosta last week. I am beginning to see some leaves get crisp and start falling.
    I love the little blue flowers. I have grown crocosmia before and love it. We don't have any at this house.
    Wishing you a good night.

  5. How is it possible that summer is already winding down? It seems that I just got the last of my garden decorations outside. Finally the Japanese beetles are gone, and flowers still remain. We had heavy rains here and that caused some of my zinnias to lay down. I will need to tie them to get them to stand up. Just like you, I have been thinking and planning what I want to do differently with the flowers next year. I plan on growing a lot more chives and marjoram and basil and less thyme and lemon thyme. And I want to try to get some Corsican mint to grow in the ground instead of in containers. It would take years, but it would be a beautiful small area groundcover.

    You are right about scheduling manageable chunks of time for working outside. It's like inside housework, if it gets away from me it becomes a huge project, but a bit at a time is not too bad. It is always a long winter of looking out at the cold yuck weather, not my favorite time of year. We'll have to enjoy our flowers in the month and a half or so that is left of warm weather.

  6. You are so energetic and have such lovely flower beds, Balisha..