Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Change is Good

Here's the new comforter that I ordered a while back. We have a king sized bed and now it looks huge in our bedroom. It's going to take some getting used to. It really looks like fall. We had an ecru summer weight down comforter on the bed... for the summer.The fabric on this new comforter is soft and not as shiny like the picture.The dust ruffle was a job to get on....had to be pinned all the way round with those little spiral pins that they used to use on doilies. I was afraid that the elastic would sag after a while. I opted for elastic...thinking that the mattress is too big and heavy for us to lift and put the other kind on. The cords from the wall lamps bother me now...I never noticed them until this picture. Someone asked to see the comforter...I can't remember I obliged.

Today is  a little cloudy. It looks like it could rain. I was going to go to the farmer's market, but then got caught up in bed I figured that the "good stuff" would be gone.

Speaking of the new you like new things? I takes me a while to adapt to it a new pair of shoes, bedding, a new handbag, new furniture arrangement, or even new foods. I can shop online everyday...almost buy things but then delete the order at the last minute. I was never like that before the age of online shopping.

Joe's class reunion is coming up this month. It's to be casual, but I wanted something new to wear. I can't tell you how many things I have almost bought online. I get reminders that I left something in my shopping cart often. You'd think that I was dining at the White House.. for heaven's sake. It's casual!!! I have any number of things in my closet that are suitable....these people haven't seen any of them....but I have... and I felt that I needed something new.

(Here we go from clothing to kale.) Kale is another example. I want to like kale. I know how good it is for me......but I can't get used to the taste or texture. I bought a "new" salad in a bag. It has kale, cabbage, broccoli, carrots etc. A healthy mix. I really don't like it. Joe wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. So, there it sat in the fridge. It's old now and this morning I had to toss a half bag of it.

New birdseed is another thing. I usually buy sunflower seeds only. This week, I tried something new. A fruit and nut assortment. You should see the birds. I swear they are giving me the evil eye. They want the old familiar. The squirrel is the only happy one and the chipmunk of course. The birds will get used to it.

So, I guess at my age, it's time to try new things. I won't always like the new, but it's good for my mind to stay out of the to speak. The only thing that I don't have to get used to are new movies and books. I love to watch new movies and especially love to open a new book. The one I'm reading, Chasing Francis, is a great book. I can hardly put it down. I want to see what happens at the end...but I won't read the last chapter.

Well, this is the holiday weekend. I'm trying a "new" recipe for me. I found it at Jane's blog.... She made a tomato pizza thing that looked delicious. We'll give it a try.

Hey, new comforter, new book, new recipe, and a new outlook on change. How 'bout that?



  1. Hi Balisha,
    I love all the "new" things and am very successful with on-line shopping and find it quite convenient to return things, too. Love your new comforter. I have a quilt I am finishing in lovely Fall colors....but yours is put together so nicely. Enjoy.
    I laughed about the kale. The ONLY way I can consume it is in green smoothies and I love it that way....I add spinach, fresh ginger, some plain non-fat yogurt, 1 pkt of stevia sweetner, and then whatever fresh fruit I have around....all in to the blender and you would never know the kale is there. That is my breakfast 5 days a week. The weekends a a little more free-wheeling!
    I hear that those baked kale chips are good but haven't bothered to try them yet as they are salted.
    Always love your posts!

  2. Change is never easy and I know some change is good - but this morning my yahoo screen came up reversed! All my favorites are on the opposite side of the screen! Did I do something? Not to my knowledge. Guess I'll have to adapt.

    Love your new comforter!

  3. I do not like Kale.
    Have tried many times and no more.
    This weekend I simmered (longer then my children do)
    Collard greens, onion, garlic and when eating top with chopped bacon.
    I like it.

  4. I like your new comforter. I do have difficulty getting accustomed to something new. I bought new shoes recently.
    We also tried kale, knowing how good it is for us but we just do not like it. A friend sent me a new kale recipe today but I don't think I will try it. Hope you find something just right for Joe's reunion.

  5. I like the comforter--for you. ME? I am an old stick in the mud with light colors--blue/white/green, perhaps a burgandy for color. Your bed looks like a queen size to me--not a king size. Whatever, it is plenty enough room--I need the longer length more than I need the width :-)

  6. I like your new comforter. It does remind me of autumn. I, too, am always putting stuff in my shopping bag online and then deleting them after I spend tons of time searching the site. I just did it yesterday at Joss & Main. I get my online shopping fix and don't spend a dime! :)

  7. Sometimes, you should just stick with what works. Sometimes, you need a change. Love the comforter. Hope you find a cute new outfit for the reunion. There will be photos! So, you want something you like.

  8. this comforter is absolutely gorgeous! I love the rich colors.

  9. Oh Balisha! You are so clever! I love to see what you are up to now.

  10. I see I am in the minority here - I love kale! I make a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice and mix it with fresh kale, red onion, and red pepper - and it's a special treat when I have slivers of fresh brussel sprouts to add. After a bit of time in the fridge the kale leaves are shiny and flavorful. My husband and I eat this year round. I sometimes saute kale in olive oil with a bit of garlic, and my husband likes any "green" steamed. Kale is just coming back in season here and my husband surprised me with a bunch at the end of last week - better for me than flowers;)