Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tea Chatter

Nice day for a cup of tea. Well, it's always a nice day for tea. As I was fixing my tea this morning, I thought of my Dad. He never really liked tea, but liked his coffee in a tea cup. He liked a thin cup...not a mug. Mom on the other hand... preferred mugs. I really have no preferance when it comes to coffee, but I do like a thin china cup for tea. Joe doesn't like tea and wants his coffee in an insulated container. He likes his coffee HOT! Back in the day, when I was working at the hospital, our coffee or tea would sit in our breakroom for sometimes an hour or so. It was cold most of the time. My old neighbors, the Raddes, drank tea in big mugs during their meals. Her mother was from England and taught that custom to her daughter, Ruth. When I ate with them....I really enjoyed having a hot cup of tea with the meal.


Summertime brings with it a desire for iced tea. I like iced coffee too. I have an iced tea maker, but I seldom use it just for me. I'll prepare a glass of Lipton's iced tea if I want it. 
I love the English custom of taking a tea break in the middle of the afternoon. I do this often, but without all the yummy things that the British have with their tea. Sometimes just a cookie or a slice of tea bread. Oh, I love tea breads. Zucchini, pumpkin, banana, any kind. 

All this talk of tea, brings me to my new book. I ordered a used book from amazon. It's the first in the Laura Child's tea shop mysteries. I'm not a big fan of mysteries usually, but this one caught my eye. I loved the cover. I am a tea lover and I am curious about this book. of my favorite teas, a recipe included...another plus, a pretty garden like cover, what more could there be....maybe a good story?? I'm saving it for winter, when I can sit in my chair...with my heated throw....while the snow flies....drinking my Darjeeling tea.... and reading this book. It almost makes me want winter to hurry. 
Back to reality.....I'm teasing...not really looking forward to winter, this book will be just on the front porch.



  1. Love Laura Childs. I first discovered her when we were living in Charleston so her books were very special. I like my coffee hot, really hot. I also like it with half and half which I microwave so it won't cool the coffee down. Growing up, tea was always iced winter and summer. It was also sweetened with real sugar and served with lemon.


  2. That is a good book. I enjoy iced tea during these hot, muggy days but a cuppa hot tea is good on a rainy or cool day. I love tea breads also. I have a chocolate banana tea bread recipe that is good. I wish you a nice weekend.

  3. I never drink hot tea unless I am at a chinese restaurant--then I just love it. I like ice tea this time of year--not sweetened, please. but, I usually rely on my Diet Pepsi for my caffeine fix and water when I am really thirsty. I have a cuppa warm cocoa in the morning.