Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Changes in the Woods

The Woods, by Balisha 2009 after my brain surgery.

The woods were calling me one day..
The breeze was whispering to say.
Come back Balisha sit a while..
We want to see your happy smile.
I told the woods with such dismay..
We'd have to wait another day.
Till I am stronger and more fit..
To make the walk and then to sit.
The flowers nodded to me then..
The branches in the trees did bend.
The breeze blew soft at my reply..
I looked from far away and spied..
A teardrop welled up in my eye.
I love the woods.. oh I admit..
The bench is waiting for me to sit.

The wooded area is changing. With no care from me this year, other than planting a couple of bushes and two giant hostas, I can see the difference. When I used to work there, I trimmed branches up... above my that I could work there without branches poking me in the eye. With little or no care from me....they have all filled in and the canopy is lower.....almost touching the ground in places.
 I planted wild flower seeds along the front border last fall and in these pictures you can see some of the results. I wasn't going to do that this year, but I've since changed my mind. I'll do it one more year and hopefully more flowers will appear. I know that some take two years to maybe next year I'll see some more flowers.
 So far, I've seen phlox, black eyed susans, coreopsis, rudbekia, and lots of wild asters.
 I have to be so careful when weed whacking the border that I don't cut down some of the flowers.
 These yellow flowers are pretty much where the nepeta is planted. I didn't get the blue nepeta in this picture...but it's a pretty combination.
 Here you see the leaves of a little redbud tree that is just starting out.A hosta is hidden in the leaves and some coneflowers and phlox are crowding in.

 My statue of St Fiacre (the patron saint of gardening) is under a little maple, planted by me. It will have red leaves in the fall.
 More fragrant phlox and flea bane in this picture. I'm hoping that the phlox will multiply.
The cone flowers are both pink and white. I love the pink ones, but not so much the white ones.
All in all, I am pleased with the progress here. I think that I may trim away some of the green growth hanging down in the front. Things will show up better and the more sun I have there the better things will grow.
I have some other pictures for another post. I just looked back at how this all looked a few years ago and can't believe the changes.


  1. I do love it. It looks so natural--like all those flowers and even St. Fiacre just dropped in there all on their own--or drifted down from God's very own hand.

    1. The flowers do come up naturally....with a little help from me :) I don't place them in certain places like you would normally do with seeds, but scatter them on a windy day.

  2. Everything is lovely, Balisha. I loved red bud trees and also maples, especially in autumn. The white cone flowers don't stay white long enough for me; like you, I prefer the pinkish purple. Phlox here does not do well due to the humidity. Yours is very nice. Is it fragrant?
    Wishing you a nice day. Always a joy to visit with you.

    1. I am always drawn to pink flowers. The white ones just don't have the beauty of the least I don't think so. I like other white flowers, however. My phlox are fragrant. Thanks for visiting..

  3. The flowers are such a joy in the summer garden, aren't they?......especially the ones we plant right into the ground, from seed. The ones that take two years to bloom are a special treat. We have phlox that reseeds itself and grows, nearly wild, along the fence now. I love it - such an unexpected gift.

    1. I love to plant seeds. It's such a miracle to me that a huge plant can come from a tiny seed. Enjoy your phlox...they smell like Heaven to me.

  4. It is all working together very well. I love the St. Frances Statue. It has a lot more detail than many I've seen.

    1. Actually the statue is of St, Fiacre...the patron saint of gardening. I do have St. Francis in the same location.

  5. Your delicate wild flowers are so pretty, and I admire your Saint Fiacre statue. I think he is a saint for cab drivers and for gardens.

  6. Your flowers are just lovely, Balisha!