Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Grotto 2014

I thought being a Sunday morning...I would show the Grotto at our Church. As you probably know, Joe built the Grotto. It was his idea and he drew up the plans, took his plan to an architect, hired the workers, and supervised the building several years ago. He was there for every aspect of the building....from the ground up. I posted pictures as the building progressed.  We visit the Grotto often and when his family was here this summer...we took them over to show them the families names on the pavers. There's a new name there this year. My son Tim's name is on one of the pavers. His paver is in the section where my family's names are.  

 The Grotto has developed into a beautiful spot for people from our Church and anyone who would like to stop and pray, meditate, or just take time out from our busy world to rest. It's a favorite place for wedding pictures, confirmation, baptisms, graduations etc. I helped with the selection and planting around the Grotto. The plantings have thrived with the care of volunteers who water and weed weekly.
 In this picture, you see Joe on the bench with his family around. 
 More of the pretty flowers blooming. The volunteers do a great job. 
 This is a view from the back. Tall grasses were planted a couple of years ago. This year there were no annuals planted....the perennials have filled in so it wasn't necessary to have annuals. This resulted in less watering for the volunteers. The landscape company that takes care of the Church grounds, keeps it mulched and the evergreens trimmed.

I just happen to think that our Church grounds are beautiful. Everything is manicured and such wonderful care is taken with each area. The gardens change with the seasons. 
This year the Church will celebrate with an old fashioned picnic on the grounds.  In the past the picnic has been held at parks and forest preserves.  I can remember, in my lifetime, Church picnics were always on the Church grounds....with a pot luck meal.  Father Barch and his committee have planned a picnic that will entertain the kids and older folks alike. Lots of good food. We hope to have a big crowd. 
 The Grotto is pretty spot to visit....the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is standing there overlooking this garden. Little children leave small bouquets and trinkets on the ledge where the statue sits. Sometimes a coin or two will appear. We leave their little contributions there. Maybe a few attending the picnic will stop at the Grotto for a few minutes.


  1. What a lovely grotto and wonderful gift to your church. The flowers and greenery are very nice too.

    Hope you have a good turnout at the picnic. I remember events like that too, along with hand churned ice cream. :-)

    Have a wonderful week Balisha ~ FlowerLady

  2. Before my daughter Karen started teaching, she was in charge of caring for the gardens at her Church. They also had "The Stations of the Cross" outside that her son, my grandson, made for his Eagle Scout project. I used to go and sit while she worked. Always made me feel so peaceful and blessed. Joe's creation and your plantings are beautiful and will be there for generations to come.!!