Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another, by Balisha

    One Thing Leads to Balisha

I woke up in the morning... with cleaning on my mind..
I went into the kitchen and what did I find?
The sink was full of dishes... I really need to wash..
But first I went to find the pack of new dishcloths.
The washer in the corner... had a load that couldn't wait..
I checked to find my sock that didn't have a mate.
I found it in my drawer in the bedroom down the hall..
As I was leaving there, I picked up the puppy's ball.
The dog was moaning softly...I knew she wanted out..
I took her to the door.. and a neighbor gave a shout..
"Come for coffee, dear"....I went and had some cake.
My mind was thinking happily... of all I had to bake.
Coming back an hour later..... I spied some ugly weeds..
I got my garden trowel and got down upon my knees.
The telephone was ringing...I went inside the house.
When conversation ended... I thought I saw a mouse.
I found the trap and set it... and turned to find my way..
I found that I was back where I started out today.
I thought about this morning... and the thought came in my head..
My work had made me I jumped back into bed.

Isn't that the way it always goes. One thing leads to another in the garden and in the house. Sometimes I enter a room and wonder... "Why did I come in here?" Or I'll stand in the basement and wonder, "What did I come down here for?" It happens to all of us, young and old. I have found that as I brain gets so full of knowledge, after all my years of living...that there's no room for more. At least that's what I tell myself :)

Have a nice day....or did I say that already??


  1. I totally and completely agree with that last paragraph. Too much knowledge in our brains!!!

    1. Hi....Still having problems with your blog. I keep getting info about bloglovin.

    2. I don't know what the problem is. No one else is having that problem. I came here and then went down your column of blogs you read, found my name and went in that way with no problems. Your comment showed up in my e-mail, but not in the comments box in my blog. A mystery. Try clicking down here in your "Blogs I love to read" column and see if you can get in that way.

    3. Just yesterday I went to my dashboard and found my page views. I clicked on this and got to your blog. Then I put it into my list of favorite blogs. So, by the time you checked here it was all changed.
      I don't know what happened previously that I couldn't access your posts, but I had a whole page of bloglovin and no Judy's blog. I know that others have had problems with bloglovin.

  2. I sometimes have to backtrack to remember what I was going for or wanting to do. :-)

    One thing leading to another is a part of life it seems.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

    1. I guess it happens to everyone. I've even heard young people complain about this.

  3. This is such a cute poem! I totally identify with the "absentmindedness". I think it happens to all of us. Hubby really has a problem being focused and organized. I can see him wandering around and immediately know what he needs. "Your wallet is on the counter. Your keys are on the table. Your jacket is on the doorknob." I don't know what he'd do without me!

    Jane xx

    1. i think that men just get used to us remembering for them. When they are out working....they probably don't have that problem. Of course we moms are always remembering for our kids.

  4. This is perfect. I find myself doing this all day, every day!!!!!

    1. Join the club....we are all the same.