Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Surprise in the Woods and Fall Projects

Look what I found in the woods! A Jack in the Pulpit. The ground here was really dry until we got the rain the other day. I was searching around for any plants that came up from my wildflower seed scattered last fall. This little treasure was behind my red bud tree. I seldom go behind the tree, so it was a perfect spot for this little thing to grow this year.Undisturbed and all alone. I wish I'd seen it earlier....when it was still growing. I'm just leaving this space alone...hoping that they spread. Do you see that little patch of sunlight? That's about all the sun this plant gets in a day. The seed is turning red and will soon be all red. I had transplanted a Jack years ago, from Joe's son's house. It was planted back farther in the woods. I moved it a couple of times and think that this one is from that original plant.

It looks so pretty here....the green is back in the lawns. What 2 inches of rain can do.

Mums are being sold at our grocery. The front of the store is solid yellow. I think it's a bit early to buy any....they won't last very long in this heat that we're having. 

Today promises to be a little cooler. Joe is going to the shooting range, so I'm on my own this morning. I have so many projects fall decorating, changing the kitchen counter, getting houseplants ready for fall and winter, but the one I think I'll do is to work on some felt projects. I have two little critters to finish before I start on two more. They are adding up....I guess maybe three more months of this project. My little Christmas tree will take on a brand new look with all the little "felties" on it. I got a used book in the mail that has many felt projects in it. One is a sweet tiny teddy bear. I may make that to include in our new great grand daughter's gift. She hasn't been born yet....but in a month we will finally meet her.

I'm really enjoying the book Chasing Francis...I may just sit and read :)

So, I'm going to go out and walk around the yard first see what is blooming. Have a wonderful day....


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I love meeting new blog friends! I should be doing some things around the house but I am reading Stillmeadow Daybook!

  2. Enjoy the book....I have the same one on my shelf. I've read it a couple of times. It's hard to do housework when you have a good book to read.
    Thanks for the visit...Balisha

  3. My little wildflower garden is just packed with all the plants--getting a bit brown now. I really like the "Jack's" and the seed pods are always so bright. Can't believe that, all too soon, we will be putting everything to bed for it's long winter's nap :-(

  4. I learned years ago that if I bought mums at the time the store sold them, they'd be done far before when i truly wanted them...later on in early fall. I agree...better to wait! :)