Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Saw Something in the Woods

I felt like a spy...peeking through the bushes, so to speak.I'll tell you how it happened.
After working in the yard for a long time...I sat on my bench in front of the woods border. I usually sit there in total silence...not moving if I can help it. I like to give the little woodland creatures time to adapt to a giant in their midst. So, on this particular day, several birds made their appearance. Orioles, finches, cardinals male and female, chickadees to name a few. I watched a white moth floating above the greenery. As I followed this winged beauty, I glanced to my left and spotted something I hadn't seen before. Could it be them? Back behind the green border...through a little clearing in the lilac branches...there they Resurrection lilies that I had planted a few years ago. At that time the woods canopy was higher and the planting spot was front and center. Now, after planting the lilac, Korean Spice Viburnum, and several other plants....they were hidden from me... behind everything. I haven't seen them bloom before. I just sat there and enjoyed seeing them. I have statues of the Saints in the woods, so I lovingly call it the Saints Woods. What flower could be more appropriate than Resurrection lilies? Can you see them there?


  1. I was thinking the same thing--about Resurrection. God whispered in your ear to turn just a bit and...............

  2. I love these lillies.
    Have 3 bulbs that someone shared with me recently
    and soon will plant.
    My weather delightful
    almost like Fall in the early morning...

  3. Yes! Never heard of this lily...just beautiful!

  4. Being greeted by long lost friends is always a great pleasure.It has happened to me too; one year a plant has disappeared, for good I think at the time, and then the year after, or maybe the one after that, there it is again, in full glory. I don’t know why that happens.