Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, January 26, 2015

Real Name

Feeling a bit stronger this morning. My real name is Patricia. I got the nickname Balisha from Joe when we first married. He loves to rhyme know....Patricia Balisha. So, when I started blogging, and really didn't want to put out too much info...I used Balisha. The name caught on and feels almost like my own. Real name, Pat Cerasa I've been asked for my address, but I don't feel safe putting it here. So, if you want me.

I feel a bit stronger this morning. Blood pressure has been in the 70's and 80', so that's not helping. Today, I'm getting ready for tomorrow. Hair wash, shower, and a little tidying of the bedroom. We have lots of things in the fridge for me to choose from.... after chemo. I still don't have much appetite. My wonderful blog friend, Ernestine, fills her posts with healthy foods that she is eating. Looking at her posts has always made my mouth water. So, E. just keep on are my nutrition person.

I'll be back later today to write a little about my feelings at this point.

Love, Patricia-Balisha


  1. Well, hello there Patricia-Balisha! And here all this time I was pronouncing your "name" like Baleesha. Ha ha! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit stronger this morning. Maybe it's from all the prayers coming your way. xoxo

  2. Ms Pat

    Been there, done that. I found out I could eat cold boiled shrimp for breakfast. Only 3 at a time but it's better than nothing. Salty things work better. Soup from Chinese was drunk daily. Sending prayers and good wishes to you

  3. Move slow, eat a little continually all through the day and even night :)
    Ice cream or yogurt - do these appeal to you.
    Take care
    dear friend
    I am mentally with you
    24 - 7
    Love, Ernestine

  4. I knew your real name, but I always wondered who you came up with Balisha. Now I know. Thanks.

  5. At times of no appetite
    I drink Ensure and Boost
    the chocolate - I like it - some do not - taste like chocolate milk to me
    also when I make a trip to the big city
    and gone most of day
    I always carry one in an insulated bag.
    have a peaceful night....

  6. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Eat what you can and don't worry.

  7. Thank you, Pat. I wanted to put your entire name on our prayer list at church. Now I have it. I watch for your updates everyday. I continue to pray for you each day too.

    Remember, God is going through this with you.

  8. Dear lady, dear friend...I was thinking of you so much lately, I have been following my blog roll a lot lately and it kept nagging at me that I haven't seen you pop up. But still, you've been posting all along and I've missed it. I love you to pieces and I haven't been here for you, if that's possible via the internet. Still, no beating around the bush, I am sending many, many prayers your way, and to Joe as well. I just know you are going to be fine. You have a long road ahead but I know you will face it head on in the true "Balisha/Patricia" way! I'm so sorry that you have been in pain and had to go through so much to get to the bottom of it all, isn't that the way medicine seems to be now? And as you said (I read a few previous posts), we jump through hoops before we find the correct doctor, get the flow of information going and have a long term relationship with them. It's very haphazard these days, for all.

    I'm sending so much love to you...I am so fond of you and of course, and praying for the best.

    Jane xxxx

  9. Dear, dear Balisha ~ I love the story behind your online name. Sweet!

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers and are most especially today as you have your first treatment.

    Do keep us posted. You are much loved ~ FlowerLady

  10. I agree with the thought that crying can be so healing. I find lately that I try to hold it all in! I may let tears start to come, then I push them back. Strange for me. I was telling someone just a couple weeks ago, that I need to find a corner, and have a good cry. Hope it was healing for you my friend, and now you are able to show the world your beautiful smile!

  11. Hi - I am a new visitor to your blog. You will be in my prayers. Hope all goes well for you.

  12. Hi, Balisha. I read about you in Flowerlady's blog and pray that your chemo treatments will improve your health and may your strength and energy be renewed each day.