Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

Here is the amaryllis that I ordered this year. I have looked and looked at the kits for years and have always thought I might like one. I usually put mine in a clay pot, but this year something a little dressier. 
Years ago my children gave me some crocus growing in little Delft shoes. I loved them, but sadly....they were broken. This won't take the place of them, but I will think of them every time I look at my amaryllis blooming. 
I'm doing some basket cleaning here this week. I keep things in Church things, magazines, afghans and coverlets,  hand towels, mail, printed recipes, knitting, felt projects, and in the kitchen....potatoes, onions, bakery items, and much used cookbooks.  It's my way of organizing. Everything is kept together in categories and makes for not having to search for things. While I sit and watch TV, I am taking one basket at a time and sorting through them. This way I can get rid of things that are no longer needed, replace supplies that are getting low, and finally I take the basket outside and with a paint brush....give it a good brushing or wipe with a damp cloth.  While I'm doing baskets, I do the same with lampshades. I use a soft paint brush to clean these. Yesterday, I did ceiling fans and the shelves over the beds. There are duck statues over our bed and baskets on the shelf over the guest room bed. Now, everything is clean. Having company always gives me an urge to get things tidy and clean. One of the advantages of aging is not being able to see too well. If it's out of reach....I really can't see the dust :)  So, sometimes I'm really surprised at the dust...when I find it :)
We went to the pool today and on the way home we voted. It was so hard to vote this time. I really didn't want either candidate for governor. All the negativity at election time makes for poor turnouts I think. Not much to get excited about anymore. The polls were so busy today though, due to a school issue in our area. So many elderly were there voting, so I guess I know what the outcome will be on that. 
The weather today was warmer, but we are in for cold and some snow toward the end of the week. Tonight we will probably be seeing election returns on TV...
Have a nice evening,

I almost forgot....when we went past McDonald's today....there was a statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench watching the crane lift a Christmas tree atop the building. Mmmmmm Thanksgiving turkey dinner in my head.....and Christmas is is the air.


  1. You have been busy. It always makes me feel good to clean and organize around the house. Hope you enjoy the evening.

  2. We continue to be similar
    in so many ways.
    this one not swimming :)
    Have a wonderful day
    a soft rain is falling
    so good for tulips and crocus planted yesterday...

  3. love that little blue and white windmill pot ! :)

  4. I saw a cartoon with Santa and a turkey and the turkey was saying to Santa--"you just sit your butt down on a bench until December 1st.. This is MY month!" I hate how they crowd the holidays all in together!

  5. Beautiful Amaryllis. Catching up with you but not commenting of every post.