Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, November 17, 2014

LuAnn's Birthday

My daughter, in Belize...she's on the right.
Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. I looked in the mirror this morning and said, "Can I really have a daughter who is 56 yrs old?" I guess so....because 56 years ago she was born. It was a cold day and the night before I went Christmas shopping...thinking that I had better get it done before the baby came. She was born the next day. A perfect baby....the Dr, an old family friend, said that she had a mouth like a rosebud...she was perfect and he wanted to take her home. Always a small girl who loved sports and being outdoors. Winter was a favorite season for her and memories of this little girl in a fuzzy hat eating snow. When we went on vacation... when she was just two...she raced out of the car and down the dock and jumped in the lake. No fear...came up laughing. She was a fun child to raise....never knew what daring thing she would do. Up in a tree holding a baby bird, splashing in puddles, wanted everything her brother had. She was his little sidekick. Two little mischief makers. 
She's still adventurous... from trips to far away countries to ice racing in cars, skiing, snorkling.... anything that sounds a little dangerous to her old mom.
Happy Birthday keep me young and interested in all things new and exciting. 
Love you,


  1. She sounds like my Pammie! Always climbing or jumping or...not a bit of fear. Perhaps we brought them up like that, allowing them to be free they get's a good thing for them to have. Confidence in themselves.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter :)
    She is the same age as my oldest daughter.
    Might cold here this early morning
    15 on my screen porch.
    Such is life
    at the edge of the woods...

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Great photo and she sounds like she lives life to the fullest!