Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, November 10, 2014

Making Things Easier

Early morning here and I have started my day by making muffins. I was having trouble reading the little measurements on the spoons. I know the teaspoon and tablespoon, but I have trouble with some of the others. So, I decided to get a marker and mark them, so they would be easier for me to see. 
It got me to thinking about how many things I have done in my daily living to make things easier to see. Our new oven has a black touch pad a little flashlight is next to the stove to read the screen. I used to have a little chart taped inside the cupboard with temps. for meat and poultry. I copied that and enlarged it and put it on the inside door. A new knife block to hold knives that I was always searching for in the drawer. Putting spices and seasonings that I use almost daily...on the bottom shelf for easy access. (and not substituting cumin for cinnamon)Rearranging my slide in place for cookie sheets etc. so that similar things are stored together and little used on the bottom. 

I have trouble distinguishing between black and navy. So, the other night, I sat and sewed a little white thread on all of my black socks. The same with my black and navy pants. 

I have trouble reading the bedroom clock. It has a black background with red numerals. Now, a wall clock is on my side of the bed....easier for me to read with it's white dial and black numerals. 

I use a makeup mirror and the lighting is bad in the room where I have it. I had a black pole lamp in the basement. It now sits behind the little dresser with the makeup mirror. It has made such a difference. I don't look like a clown now :)

Next we come to the computer.....why have I struggled trying to read fine print? I can use the keys to enlarge the print, but I decided to do something more. I changed the font size on everything that I could. Now, I don't have to strain my eyes. Anyone using my computer would say, "Whoa!" but for me it's perfect.

I find that I'm not reading so many "chapter books" It's getting difficult and my eyes get so tired. So, I have started reading books of poetry, short stories, day to day journal books, Bible and prayer books with large print. 

At Church...I know the Mass by heart. I've always loved being read to, so I seldom use the Missal and prefer to listen to the Gospel being read from the Altar. I find that I get more out of the Gospel that way and find myself more attentive to the Homily. We have one member who does the most beautiful job reading. He has a melodious voice filled with joy.  I wish he could read at each Mass.  

So as I end you ever find yourself squinting to read something? These are just a few things that make life easier for me.It might be a help for others too....

Today is sunny and looks to be pretty nice. We are expecting a major change in the weather. I still have to sprinkle those wildflower seeds. I think that I'll go out as soon as it warms up. I was watching the woodpeckers at the suet block this morning and those darling little chickadees darting back and forth to the woods. My precious little ones are here for the cold weather ahead....and now watching the little harbinger of juncos. These little birds that I mentioned are my absolute favorites....the are here through thick and thin during our N. Illinois long winters. I'll stop by the feeder and fill it again, while I'm out.

Have a nice day today,


  1. We have made a number of adjustments to our home to make our daily tasks easier. Also, my mom had very limited vision most of my life and I rec'd training from the school for the blind. These days, we are all about making everyday life as easy as possible. Enjoy your day.

  2. I've terribly near-sighted - have been so since age 8. And now that I'm in my early 50's, I'm also a bit far-sighted. My glasses have progressive lenses, so I don't have a problem seeing anything. Though when I read, I do so without my glasses on - I actually see better that way! I have bifocal contact lenses, but rarely wear them. My eyes are too dry now; plus I don't see as well with them as I do with my glasses.

  3. Very near sighted here, ever since I was a kid. Now, the last few years, I have to take my glasses off to see close. So they are off when I am hand sewing and depends. I am fine in natural light but I need to get the hardcover books...with bigger print. No little paperbacks anymore.