Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Evenings

Here we are at the beginning of November and the stores are busy pushing Christmas. At the grocery on Saturday, there were carts full of Halloween items and next to them carts full of Christmas. I laughed and said,"They really forget Thanksgiving don't they?" People scrambling to load Snickers, Milky Way etc into their carts. People starting to look rushed.

While here at home....we aren't in a hurry. Maybe it's our age, but I like to think that it's just the way we are and have always been. I sort of enjoy this time of year and all it brings with it.....even the time change. Evenings are cozier...the doors are shut, curtains drawn, the lights are dimmer, candles may be lit, a pot of something on the stove, popcorn or some baked treat, knitting in my hand, and Joe reading in his chair. Here we are... ignoring the outside and all it's rushing. We are taking our time in November....December and all that makes it so busy is just ahead. Time for reflection and calm....before the storm. 

Isn't it a shame to think of December that way? How can we start the month out on a new foot? It's what will be on my mind throughout to enjoy December more. How to keep it simple? So many women work themselves into a tizzy making everything perfect for their loved ones....only to get sick and not be able to really enjoy themselves. After the gifts are open...some think "Is that all there is?" Every year many of us vow to keep it simple....what happens to us? We get caught up in the shopping, plans, blended family celebrations, baking, parties, and then there's....decorating.

While I sit here in the comfort of my home in November, I want to keep in mind the word SIMPLE. I don't have all the answers. I have successfully changed the decorating in our home, and also the way we do food for family why can't I do the rest? Maybe this will be the year of change. For now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy November. It's a time for pumpkins, cider, donuts, candles, and delicious food......not forgetting the time to be thankful for our blessings.



  1. We had the same thoughts today about November. It is my favorite month - I love how the evenings become so cozy and quiet. I try to ignore all the early Christmas decorating!

  2. Totally agree with you, Balisha! Last year I took part in a home Christmas tour for bloggers. While I was honored that I was chosen for this, it was very stressful to make my home "perfect" for the home tour. I will never do that again. I did have my family over on Christmas day and that was a lot of fun.

  3. Balisha, I have stopped most of what I did in the past.
    Simple and meaningful
    is what it is at this time
    and it is still a lot for me.
    Family likes it, being together, less decorations
    and everytime they visit
    something more is handed down to them.

  4. We try to keep things simple, too. We don't decorate or entertain like we once did. We try to focus on our blessings and look for ways to donate to those less fortunate. I do love November. The cool air after Georgia's hot summer. Long evenings to read or watch a favorite tv show. Wishing you two a very good night.

  5. ,what a great post and a reminder to keep it simple and enjoy. I have given up black Friday years ago and now my gifts center around on experiences like tickets to the aquarium, ski tickets. I want more time together and not try to fit it all in in one month.
    my life has been to busy and I vow to have more down time

  6. I so hate the way we are pushed to think of Christmas so early these days. Surrounded by merchandise and the true meaning of Christmas lost. I do less and less as the years go by. Decorations now are just the tree and lights strung around and I buy only what I know we will eat as I hate lots of Christmas left overs.