Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Thoughts of my favorite herbs to grow and use. As a garden always looks tidy. I have good luck with growing it. There are several plants in my garden. It's a tough plant and can take abuse...with trimming it and transplanting not to mention the beating it gets during our cold N. Illinois winters. No need to bring this hardy plant will wilt a little during and after a snowfall, but as soon as the weather warms perks up and starts growing. 
When I first started gardening back in the early days of Martha Stewart's show on TV, I saw Martha's first special. It was and is one of my favorite holiday specials. She was entertaining in her home on Turkey Hill. We got to see how she did her Thanksgiving from the first plans right up to the pumpkin pie. As I remember it was a rustic setting with a long table decorated in everything Thanksgiving. One thing has stuck with me throughout the years....the way she did her turkey. It was the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. Now, as I think back, I wonder how many turkeys they actually used to get that perfect look. The bird was huge, golden brown, crispy skin, and not a blemish. She did something that I have done so many times since...she put sage leaves under the skin, arranging it in a pretty pattern. The sage leaves showed through and here was this turkey with a pattern of leaves...almost unreal to me the first time I saw it. She showed how to do it and I was watching. Very simple to do. Just loosen the skin...sliding your hand under to get it all loosened without tearing. Then you can slip the leaves any pattern you design. Since the first attempt on my part...I have changed it a bit. I make a sage butter and spread this under the skin. I just take a couple of sticks of butter along with some chopped sage and thyme..finely chopped garlic, and salt and pepper. I take handfuls and spread this on the bird...under the skin. It gives the bird a most delicious taste. The flavor of the sage is subtle...not overpowering. Since I don't put my dressing in the bird anymore...I need some sage flavoring to take the place of the sage in the dressing.
Check the internet for ideas about how to use sage. I have used it in wreath making, bouquets for the table, and once I made tea with the leaves, but didn't like it.
We just got back from the was really hard to talk myself into going this morning, but I persevered and now I'm glad I went. The hot tub felt so good on my old achy legs.  The sun is shining and Joe is getting a I'd best be going and get something done. This afternoon will be spent making chocolate nut clusters, chex mix, and Parmesan croutons. Fixing cod for dinner with fried potatoes and a salad. I bought two Three Musketeers bars for a snack for us :)
Have a nice afternoon,


  1. I am so glad I read your blog because, every single day you remind me of something I need to do. I have to make Chex Mix--I had totally forgotten I need to make it! thanks, Balisha!!

  2. I know to put butter under the skin but the sage leaves sounds like a neat addition!

    My son's hosting this year but I have a 'free' turkey coming from the grocery store ...I will try this. I always cook mine upside down, too. I did that by mistake one year and it was so tender, so now I always do it :)

    My turkey will be most likely used for pot pies and soup, for the most part.

  3. Balisha, I have a beautiful Sage plant and love it in my dressing.
    Will try under turkey skin this year.
    I learn much from you
    and have a good weekend
    I am going to bake 2 cakes that I use to bake years ago all the time
    and not recently.
    A prune cake and rum cake :)
    Busy next week
    my granddaughter Sarah is bringing a special chef friend...