Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pancakes for Breakfast.....

This wasn't taken this morning, but a few days ago. After a breakfast of yummy or two were left. I saw the confused birds just outside the doorway...looking at the empty bird feeder....and thought, "Why not give them to the birds? " I doctored them up a bit...adding some oatmeal, a few raisins, and extra fat. Then, I threw them out the door and they landed on the deck...just under the feeders.It took a long time before the birds were brave enough to try them out. Finally the bravest of brave...the tiny little Junco hopped on a pancake and munched very cautiously. As far as I other bird has come to try them. The Junco likes having the pancakes all to himself. A wonderful little treat for him everyday. He looks toward the window and gives me a birdy smile...

We are waiting....AGAIN...for snow. At first it was supposed to be a big one, but now it's going to be just 1-4 inches. So, we'll be in the house for today anyway. Joe went for a drive by himself yesterday...a first. He said it wasn't bad at all. I worried while he was gone, but I guess he's on the to speak.

I've been starting a project here....clearing out trouble spots in the  house. Magazines and paper clutter. When did they start sending so much paper in the mail? I get so many catalogs...from companies that I have never heard of. I used to look at them, but found that they are a magnet to attract you and tempt you into buying something. So, out they go, without even a glance.I've never been much of a window fact I really don't like to shop at online shopping has been so handy for me.

I made a big pot of bean soup yesterday. It smelled so good, cooking in the crock pot all day. We will probably have that today...with some cornbread maybe. I have plenty. so I can freeze some containers. Our desserts are all gone...not sure if I will make something else or depend on fruit which is healthier. I bought a variety of pears yesterday and also some crisp apples. We always keep oranges and Cuties in the house....maybe I'll make a fruit salad.

This new blog is working pretty good. .....although I don't find my dashboard. I used to open to the dashboard and see the comments that need the OK, but now the comments are just added to the blog and I get a copy in email. I'm sure not blog savvy....but I can continue like this if I have to.

Enough of my blog problems...on to a happy and productive day. I'm putting my book list on the side bar look there and you can see what I'm reading. Ernestine and I are reading the same strange...we do so many things alike.


  1. How sweet to feed the little bird the pancake! I would smile too!
    Stay safe in the snow. Good days for staying in and organizing I guess.
    Your soup with cornbread sounds delicious to me.

  2. ps. under settings click comments and you can change to approve the comments before they post, hopefully.

  3. Sorry about your blog problems :-)
    I hope you have a great week!

  4. Hi everybody....Nice to be back. I'm afraid to do anything to this blog for fear I won't be able to get in again. I really don't know why that happened in the first place.

    Hello Kath,
    I think that this is the first time that you have left a comment. Welcome. I'm still trying to get things back here....come again;

  5. Please don't tell me that your old blog just up and disappeared? The same thing happened to bj @ Sweet Nothings. I am so afraid of that. I still have not had my blog put into a book. I keep thinking I need more money..and then keep buying other things. :) *shaking head* your bean soup sounds wonderful. I made Chili on Sunday and today beef stew. :) At least those were successes.

    I will check your reading list. I am in the middle of Sense and Sensibility. It is written in the Queen's English so has been a bit of a challenge.
    I just baked yeast rolls...and ruined them. All that work and for nothing. I felt like crying..but..of course what good will that do. I will try again tomorrow..and this time just make bread.
    You won't believe how I ruined them, Balisha. It sort of concerns me a bit.

  6. Shopping on-line is why I get so many catalogs. I think the places I order from, share my address with others. Today, I had six catalogs in the box--like you, I threw them all in the recycle without looking at them. Maybe if we don't order from them, they will get the hint?

  7. Balisha, love this Anna Quindlen book. Finally finished last night.
    Made some memories surface.
    I need to go to the library more and check out several other books.
    Too easy to order from Amazon.
    Potato soup to made here today....
    Need to make a trip to market to restock pantry
    when I feel like getting out.
    Seems so much for me to do
    Take care
    and glad your Joe is mending...

  8. I usually throw out stale bread and left over pancakes or waffles for the birds but it seems the crows are always first in line. We're having leftover bean soup for dinner too!

  9. Landed on this blog ...saw these little felt mittens and had to come over to show your the link. Bookmarks or Banners...these are so darn cute...I thought that since you have been having fun with felt lately you might like them ! :)

  10. Did you ever find your dashboard??

    1. BJ,...To tell you the truth, I am scared to sign out of this blog. I just stay signed in and hope that things don't get messed up. It's working well and I have learned to work with it.