Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday At Our House

 Valentine's Day isn't far off. I've had time to decorate a little more this year...since I have been cooped up during the weather and Joe's surgery. I didn't spend any money, however....just used the things that I had in the house. The mantle is crowded, but some things can't change I just add a few touches of red...candy boxes, red candles and a few paper doilies.
 My little woodland tree in the breakfast room is full of doily and paper ornaments that I made several years ago. I used to put them on some branches on the dining room table, but now that I have this little's just perfect for them. I left the little branches with red berries on the tree after Christmas.
 I showed my felt garland...that I just made, on the old blog. Here it is again I really like it hanging there. I might make a few garlands for other holidays and seasons.
A candle holder with red berry wreath on the coffee table.  I see that the picture isn't really clear....I picked the wrong one from the folder. There are many more touches of red in the house. Red is such a beautiful's my favorite for all year round.

The Super Bowl wasn't the best and the commercials weren't anything to write home about. All in all a bit disappointing. We watched most of the game and in the 4th quarter I turned to my programs on the DVR and watched Downton Abbey. That was not disappointing. A rather good episode. I love the clothes and the grand way of living. If you watched...don't you  love seeing the ladies with their maids attending them... lounging in bed with breakfast while the ladies maids gets their clothes ready for the day? What a life!

Today started with Joe going to therapy and my going to the grocery store. I have a crock pot of bean soup cooking.....we are playing it by ear as to when we eat. That's driving Joe nuts....he likes a schedule. Maybe some cheese and crackers for a snack?? I want to start my new little felt ornaments today. I'd better get cracking if I'm going to do all I plan.
Have a nice day and keep it simple,


  1. Pretty touches all over your home with the hearts and splashes of red. Yes, that game last night certainly was disappointing. And so were the commercials! The one with the puppy and horse was cute though. And I loved the halftime show. But otherwise...snoozeville. I'm like you, I like to eat when I'm hungry, not on a schedule.

  2. I love your loon picture over the mantel. I barely decorate for valentines a few vintage valentines.

  3. Thank you for your new address. I love your Valentine décor. That garland is adorable and it would be fun to have on for several other holidays as well.
    Your soup sounds delicious. Hope you both will rest well tonight.

  4. Thumbs up for Downton Abbey. I especially love the Grand Dame--her uppity ways and her cutting humor. I would so love to be able to get away with that attitude and still maintain the love of my family, LOL. It makes me laugh that these people can't dress themselves--but it is nice to keep other people employed so they have a decent life on the estate. :-)

  5. I have never decorated for Valentine's day
    but in past years
    all children always had a Heart shaped box of candy
    or sometimes a gift with a heart on it.
    A few days ago
    on a special trip to the big city
    delivered Valentine gifts to my youngest
    Your comment made me think
    I need to visit library more for books :)
    But Amazon is easier and sometimes used books
    and if I like my book
    I keep
    if not that special
    I pass on...

  6. Pretty little red / Valentine touches everywhere! :) LOL as to the superbowl I was reading ( MSN, of them ) about the top tweets and such and one guy said that it was so bad that he was turning in his Man Card and going to watch Downton Abbey with his wife as it would be more entertaining :)