Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

News on Wednesday

Here I am using an entirely new computer. Joe gave me my birthday present a month early. It's an Apple brand. I'm doing OK with far. The mouse is the hardest thing for me to get used to. Our brains get in the habit of using something else...and it's hard to change habits. I have no pictures on this computer, so I will have to get that old camera going.

Yesterday, I went to lunch with three friends from Byron. We get together ever so often and really have a good time. We are all so different....maybe that's the reason we get on like we do. We decided to try a new place in Dixon. The Basil Tree  is the name and it is all Italian. We started with a lemon, rice, chicken soup. It was delicious...I'm going to try to replicate it here at home. Then all of us ordered the house salad. A bed of greens topped with chicken, shrimp, different kinds of mushrooms, red and green pepper strips, spinach, all warmed in seasoned olive oil....this was so yummy. It was a huge salad and you'd think that we had no room for dessert, but we did. The Tuxedo Chocolate Cake....layers of chocolate cake, white cake, chocolate mousse, French vanilla creme, and topped with chocolate frosting drizzled with white chocolate. I brought half home to Joe. We were there for a long time....the waitstaff didn't hurry us at all. When I got cheeks were sore from all the laughing.

This morning was our time to go to the pool. It was a little chilly today in the pool, but we warmed up fast. The usual crowd was there...just a few old timers like us.

Well, I'm getting the hang of this now. My keyboard is at a different level because the cord doesn't reach the way my other one was, so that's bothering me a bit. I keep reaching down to where it was before. Old habits are hard to break.
Back tomorrow with a more interesting post...


  1. Congrats on the new computer. Your lunch sounds like so much fun. Keep us posted if you do make the soup. I love a good salad and I would never turn down a dessert that sounds this good!!!

  2. O and I am trying hard not to have to get a new computer. I've heard they all come with Windows 8 which is supposed to be the HARDEST to get used to. I am so lost on computers most of the time and I hate to have to learn a new program.
    My poor olden laptop is on it's last leg, tho.:(
    So glad you had such fun with friends....:)