Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Chatter

 My backyard before the last snow....trails all over, but no human footprints. I wonder who's been walking in my backyard.
Bright afternoon. We had some snow last night...just enough to mess with the roads and cause school to be closed in some areas. I don't remember school ever being closed when I was a girl. I only remember being able to bring a sack lunch...if it was too cold to walk home... at lunch time. Later in high school years, I can remember waiting for the city bus early in the morning. It was so cold...boys used to stand with their arms out like penguins and bopping up and down with steam coming out of their mouths. No hats on their heads and no gloves. We girls were a little smarter...I remember having a storm coat. It had a fur collar and  my matching boots had fur around the top. I don't remember wearing a hat, but a scarf around my neck and mittens were usually worn. We didn't wear pants to school in those days...but our plaid skirts were very long.

Today has been busy...Joe had therapy this morning and I went over to the store and picked up some canned goods. There was a sale going I stocked up on some things. When we got home....I fixed dinner quick and before we were done...the Eucharistic Minister was here from Church with Communion. We always look forward to his visits...we learn about what is going on at Church and who is sick etc. Then when he left there were groceries to be put away. I cleaned up the kitchen and as soon as I was done....flopped on the chair and rested. It seems like I'm always in the kitchen..either messing it up or cleaning. The dishwasher runs everyday and it is full. Just the two of us make so many dishes. Many women's jobs are repetitive. We do the same things over and over until we could do them in our sleep. Sometime I'd like a Freaky Friday and switch places with Joe. That would be very eye opening...I think.

Now, I have a couple of hours to myself...what will I do? First, I'll make some tea and get a cookie then sit and read for a while. Just getting into my new book. I really don't like having to finish a book in two weeks at the library. Sometimes, it's hard for me to finish one that quick.I'm not a speed reader...I like to relax with a book and take my time...savoring the author's words. I read some new books and they can't be renewed if someone is on the waiting list.

My sewing basket is full of little projects. I love simple little projects that I can pick up and do a little then put them down for another time.

My plants are happy and several are blooming. I tend to give them more care during the winter. In the summer....I'm outside and I kind of ignore them. I repotted my Christmas cactus yesterday. I read on the internet that you should repot them after they bloom and then put them in a cooler place for a rest. So mine is downstairs, in the window waiting for the time that it will go outside.

When that will be is a mystery. After all this snow....things should be in good shape in the garden. Lots of moisture and snow cover. I wonder if my little wildflower seeds are cozy under that blanket of snow? Time will only tell.

Have a nice afternoon....Balisha

I had a comment from Deb on the last post telling me to go to a website to see a felt project. Deb...this was so cute. I remember making these years ago. Thanks.


  1. thank you for reminding me
    will take care of the Christmas cactus :)
    only me
    and so many dishes continually and always love to wash them by hand
    But lately
    rinse and put in dishwasher
    and every other day turn on.
    They really sparkle...

  2. Just the two of us and I do wonder where all the dirty dishes and laundry come from! I just had a sweet roll and a small coffee and I'm enjoying blogs this evening. Hope you enjoy your newest book. Sleep well.

  3. I too had a storm coat--tan with a dark brown fur collar. We were not allowed to wear pants to school, but thank goodness, we had our long wool, plaid skirts and boots. I do remember wearing ear muffs one grade in high school. My coat was grey with pink dots and my ear muffs were also pink. I need to re-pot my Christmas cactus also, but...all my potting soil and tools are out in the shed--with 3 feet of snow in front of the door.

  4. Thank you so much for your visit/comment on my post this a.m. I appreciate your kind remarks. Hope you'll visit often.
    Have a good day.
    p.s. I did not have your email, so I am responding here.

  5. I am always fascinated by those unknown tracks too. Sometimes they are so close to the house and I'm sorry I missed seeing whatever animal it was :-)

  6. That was the Abominable Snowman's tracks, Balisha! :)