Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Felt Critters for My Woodland Tree

Here they are....the little lamb and the cardinal. It was so much fun to make these little creatures.
I made a few changes in the patterns. The little cardinal has a yellow beak and a green wing with red trim. He is Christmas you know!
The little lamb has a pink heart and different shaped ears. I love this one!
Here they all are on the shelf in the kitchen... for the picture. But what is that critter in the middle? When I posted the pictures on facebook last daughter said that her cat, Huntley, meowed, "Where is the cat?" So, I created a cat..using Huntley for a model. "Are you happy now, Hunt?" My daughter-in-law said, "Where is the penguin?" She collects Penguins.I suppose I'll have to make one of those this week. Have to please everyone you know. All kidding's really very easy to make these...there's time for everyone to start making some. They don't have to be stitched...they can be glued as well...that would be much easier.
So run on over to Mockingbird Cottage and Creative Cain Cabin to see all the different critters that bloggers have created. It's been a long winter...everyone has cabin fever....why not spend some time making these cute things?
Right now, they are having some link problems...check back later and see what's happening.



  1. These turned out great. I really like the lamb best of all but they are all sweet.

  2. So cute little critters--I love the lambie!!

  3. Those are so cute! You are so clever!

  4. Adorable! A cardinal for winter and Christmas and a Lamb for spring and of course you needed a cat! :)

  5. Hi Balisha,
    Your ornaments are darling! I love how everyone's turn out differently. I'm so inspired by everyone's choices too ... I love that you did your sheep with a dark face, I'm going to do that next time. :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. cute critters ... I really enjoy visiting others and seeing how they all turned out

  7. Hi Balisha...those are so sweet. You are right, that is a nice way to spend your time when the weather is bad. Create things.
    Are you still getting snow where you are. I know a lot of folks are. We are still dry as a bone here but they are talking of rain this Thursday and Friday and even told of possible bad electric storms. Imagine So. Cal. :) I almost laughed but then might jinx it.
    My rough first year is over but it doesn't help one bit. Getting ready for Spring and working in the yard keeps my mind occupied to a point. Haven't done any garage sales lately. I doubt with rain in the forecast that there will be any this weekend.
    Your little Cardinal is my favorite. How I wish we had them in California...our birds here are not very colorful at all. High in the mountains there are Blue Jays..but..that's about it.
    Doing the Fairy gardens is the closest thing I have come to crafting. Gotten lazy, Balisha! :)

  8. Perfect, they are just darling and the sheep with the black face is my favorite.

  9. Love, love what you did with the lamb's ears, Balisha! Perfect!


  10. I love your critters. They look great on the shelf.