Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Sunday Morning in Late February

Today would have been my Dad's 99th birthday. He's been gone just a few years, and I still miss him. I miss his thoughtful ways, his kindness, his non judgmental feelings, his ability to listen, his love.He was truly a person of faith. I remember him going to Church every Sunday...with or without my Mom. Always there to help out at Church.....always there to help his family. He walked miles to work... when he had no car, worked long hours...seldom took a vacation.At the end of Mom's life...Dad took care of her with Alzheimer's...for 10 yrs. My Dad was an everyday Saint.

Here's my daughter in Belize this morning. She and three friends are there on vacation. LuAnn is quite an adventurer...she loves to travel and has visited many countries on her own.I never had the courage to just up and take a trip by myself. If there have been any regrets in my life...this might be it. I married young and then the kids came and you know the rest of the story. I love it that she's independent and does such exciting things. Yesterday she went on a zip line...into the jungle and did some tubing into caves. She will be full of stories to share when she gets home.

We are expecting more cold. I was thinking last night, that this is the first year I haven't always had the bird feeders filled. It's just been too treacherous to try to fill them on occasion I've learned a keep a path cleared to the feeders. I have sprinkled birdseed on the ground and I've thrown out bread, pancakes, waffles, peanuts etc. They don't like to change their habits...They will come continually to the empty feeder. The little bird that was shivering in the corner of the feeder, was here for a couple of days. There was a suet block where he was sitting. When Joe went out to the mailbox the next day...he was on the ground, shivering... and all puffed up. Joe scooted him into the bushes for his protection. I wanted to bring him in, but I know better than that. I haven't seen I suppose he died. There's a squirrel on the feeder here by my window. He's eating the sunflower seeds...and swinging in the breeze.I've seen several squirrels I look now...there's a new one here. The first was a Fox squirrel...this one is gray.My goodness, I wish you were here...there is a squirrel party going on the feeder and three chasing around the yard. Maybe it's time for mating...

We are going out to a steak house today. Joe is hungry for steak and I won't say no to a meal out. I've cut down on my meat maybe I'll find something else or just a very small steak. I always like the sides more than the meat. I love vegetables and salads. My kids are vegetarians.

This blog is much easier for me to I guess I'll keep posting here. Hope you all spread the word.....and let bloggers know where I am. Today is the day that we post our pictures of the little felt animals that we are making for next I may be back later.
Have a nice day...Balisha


  1. Bless you today as you remember your wonderful dad.
    Great photo of your daughter. Glad that she is enjoying all these unique adventures.
    I love to go out to eat. I have very sensitive teeth and don't eat much meat these days, but I do love salad, veggies etc.
    Look forward to seeing your felt animals.

  2. After I had "blogged" for a while, the whole thing disappeared. Never saw it again. I just started over. Now I keep getting an error message requesting that I tell them what I was doing when I got the message. So far I just ignore it and it's working. I wonder where they want me to report! There are so many mysteries in this computer world.

  3. We are just back from Sunday dinner out. I had a char broiled filet of salmon, baked sweet potato, and a salad with blue cheese dressing. I brought half of the meal home.
    I keep getting messages from LuAnn through a Scrabble game that we play. We can leave a little message each time we play a word. We've been playing this for 9 yrs online.Most days we play a word and then on weekends maybe 2 or 3. It keeps us in contact and close.

  4. Your dad sounded like he was a wonderful man. I'm sure you really miss him. And how wonderful for your daughter to be such an adventurer! I have taken only two solo trips in my lifetime - once to visit my aunt in Seattle and once to visit friends in England. I feel sorry for all the little birds in the winter - and this one has been especially cold. My husband has been keeping the bird feeder filled up and I toss leftover or old bread, berries, etc. outside for the birds and squirrels. Your dinner out sounded nice - and salmon, sweet potato and salad all sound delicious and healthy. I'm not a steak eater; I've would've chosen the salmon too. Or maybe chicken.

  5. You dad does sound like a saint for sure, and look at your! What an adventurous time she is having!

    Currently my feeders are all empty since when the snow melted and then the ice and then the snow under that, the ground out there looks like a field of birdfood...because along with keeping the feeders filled I kept spreading seed around for the ground feeders etc. AND in the front yard once everything melted I see bread, more seed, peanuts etc so I decided they have to finish that stuff up before I fill again, lol...kind of like when you clean out the fridge, making a soup from leftovers or something.

    And yet, despite all the sunflower seeds on the ground, one of the little squirrels was still climbing to check the feeder yesterday and eat the rest of the hanging bird bell! :)