Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Morning...

I did go out and finish my bulb planting. It was getting cooler, and I wanted to finish the outside work. My geraniums filled a big black garbage bag. They did so well and will be planted again next year. We have a man who mows here and he takes our lawn cuttings with him. He lives on a farm and has a use for them. So, when he is due to come, I put the things that are heavy for me out by the road and he puts them in his truck. I do have a compost pile back in the woods that I use most of the summer. 

Speaking of the woods, it is about time to scatter my wildflower seeds. Some I have purchased and some from my own gardens. Columbine seeds scatter well and I get good results from those. Little columbines popping up here and there. 

We bought a new stove...a KitchenAid with double ovens and a matching microwave. We have white appliances so this was ordered in white.
After delivery we found that the broiler, which is on top, wasn't working. Probably just a glitch that needs a service call. He's coming this morning to get this figured out. Joe was kind of upset that we couldn't broil a steak this weekend, but that's how it goes today. Things aren't like they used to be. I'm sure it will be OK and we'll be broiling soon.

You might wonder why an old couple needs a double oven. Well, it was always a dream of holiday time to have two ovens. One for the turkey and the other for sides. But....that was never in the picture for me. I wrangled the meal together for years without two ovens. It was a real feat sometimes....with crock pots, and micro waves humming my meal. Well, now that I am old, my dream came true. I will enjoy this appliance...making cookies will be a breeze, no more waiting for nut breads to bake to start another batch, baking potatoes and broiling steaks at the same time, and that holiday meal will be easier...squash, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole on top....turkey on the bottom. I can't wait. It will be put to good use this Thanksgiving.

I had another dream as a young be a homemaker and have children. I never wanted to be anything else. To me, cooking is part of being a homemaker. Putting a nice meal on the table is a delight to me. I love what I do and always did. My dreams did come true. 

Well, I best be going. The service man will be here soon. I have visions of pumpkin bread baking in the new oven and also tomorrow...baking different squashes for Thanksgiving. I like to mix squashes together for flavor.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. So wonderful that your wish was fulfilled. I have always rather had a "new" something for my home than all the new clothes in the world!! Enjoy.

  2. Glad you got the bulbs done. I planted garlic today so that finishes my bulbs except for some hyacinths to force inside. Enjoy the double oven feature.

  3. I love your new stove! A double oven is a dream of mine, too. We have had good luck with Kitchen Aid appliances, so when we needed a new fridge I looked at all the brands but hoped a Kitchen Aid would work for what we wanted. It did! Enjoy your new beauty ~

  4. Beautiiful new stove.
    In past years when home was filled with family I had a double oven
    and truly needed it. Also a large utility room with extra fride and freezer.
    Would love some of that now
    but truly do not need
    and continue to see what I can give away
    and downscaling in progress.

  5. How rare and beautiful to hear someone say, "My dreams came true." ♥ Enjoy!

  6. What a wonderful new oven. Holidays, especially, will be so much easier now with 2 ovens. Hope the broiler problem has been easily corrected. Wishing you a lovely day.