Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall is All Around

It's raining cats and dogs. Where did that old saying come from? The only thing I found was that in the 1500's there were thatched roofs. When the weather was chilly, raining, or cold....the little animals would hide in the thatch...when it rained hard...they came tumbling down...thus "Raining Cats and Dogs."

I was out doing a little fall cleanup this morning. Joe had an appointment and so I was on my own. I tackled the front gardens first. I had done a little already, but today I wanted to work out there for quite a while. I felt good and that's when I have to do the work. I cut the clematis off by a half, and then planted 30 daffodil bulbs. The ground was so hard. I think my bulb planting days are
 over. It is so hard each year to get through my soil in the fall. My hands hurt so badly and I have to baby them when I get in the house. I have several more daffodils coming in the mail, but those will go in an easier spot to dig. 

Moving over to the center front....I cut back the lilies and planted some daffs there as well. I know that I will enjoy these next the work is  probably worth it.

Mary's Garden was more of a chore. The hostas are so huge and some were still greenish.I know that I should leave them until the leaves are yellow or brown, but I have done this many times before and they always come back beautifully.  I like to get them cut down before the pine needles fall from the two trees next door. When the pine needles fall...they make a blanket over this area that is so pretty. It was a struggle with my clippers....then I resorted to the weed whacker. That worked pretty well. It left the short stems kind of ragged. I cut off the ragged part with my shears. It's always easier with hostas, to let them go until the frost gets them. Then you can just reach down and pull gently and they come right out. They are kind of slimy then and it's so cold outside.....I about freeze to death. I don't know what it is about old age and body temperatures. I seem to get colder now... even in the house... not like those years of menopause, where I was hot all the time, Anyway, I got the job done and it looks neat and tidy. I'm going to ask the lawn mower man to throw a bag of mulch on where I dug for daffs tomorrow. Then come spring, it will all look nice.

As I was planting, I was thinking ahead to spring. When I put a bulb in the ground...I almost can't wait for spring to come. I'll think about the bulbs all during the winter. Sometimes I forget where and what I planted, and it's a surprise when they break ground.

Tim's little memory garden will look so nice with the butterfly weed, lilies of all kinds and many colors, little alliums, poppies, and now these daffodils. I wanted a colorful garden and hopefully that is what will happen.

I finished up just as Joe was coming in the drive. "What's for dinner," he said. "Soup and a sandwich," I answered. That's what we had and just after we ate...the rain started.

Looking out the window...I see the lawn with yellow leaves scattered all over. The planters out by the road are still thriving. Those geraniums have bloomed non- stop since June. They were such a good buy....88 cents apiece and they have grown and bloomed their heads off.

The rain is continuing and it's a little dark out. It reminds me of what's coming. Darkness in the late afternoon will be here soon. I kind of like the change....I enjoy the cozy feel of late afternoon in the warm house. It will be time for home baked treats...cookies and cupcakes and a cup of something hot to drink. A nice time of the day when the houses are lit up with lights and candles. Maybe a fire in the fireplace....I'm getting anxious.


  1. You accomplished a lot in your garden. I am slowing down in my garden too, in the amount I can do in a day.

  2. Bad storms predicted for tonight.
    Hope they pass by me
    The squirrels always eat my bulbs.
    Planting some red and yellow tulips
    and crocus in some pots this year.
    Take care...

  3. I so understand about the bulb planting. My hands ached after my putting them in the ground. I like to think of them, sleeping under that warm blanket of snow all winter long. My driveway snow shoveling man puts all the snow on that side of the drive and thus, over my perennial garden. The plants seem to like it.

  4. I love knowing the bulbs are there, just waiting for spring to arrive. One of the easiest and best payoffs in gardening. I need to order my daffodil bulbs!

  5. All the leaves are about at their peak in color here but the rain is falling so they are getting knocked off. I have been cleaning up the flower beds a little at a time although I hate to see the season ending. I got a few tulips to plant and move a few plants yet before it gets too cold here.At lest with the rain the ground will be softer to dig in to plant. :) Take care.