Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sunday in October....Before Halloween

Last night, I worked on my little felt ornaments. Two more to go and I will have 24. I'm going to search for a couple strings of lights for my little woodland tree that will hold these little felt ornaments. The tree has white lights and I think that these ornaments call for more color. Can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving, when we decorate for the holiday.

I went to a neighborhood garage sale yesterday. The family is moving away. It was kind of bittersweet shopping there. So many toys that have made their children happy through the years. A tiny cradle, doll bunkbeds, books including the Laura Ingalls Wilder set (had to turn my head when I noticed these) Christmas decorations and Easter too. Everything nicely taken care of. I didn't see much that I wanted, but on my way out the door, I noticed a pile of red and green. Three homespun table cloths in sizes I could use. A big one for the dining room table, one oval for the table in the breakfast nook and a round one for my mother's table in the window. I have them in blue and off white...and now I have three in Christmas red and green. Now, you know how much I love red.....These will be used over and over again. Nothing wrong with them and after laundering...they are folded and in my cupboard.

This was one of the few garage sales that I have been to this summer. The other was one where I was looking for books for my great grandson Clifford. After this sale, I took a ride around the neighborhood, mainly looking at the Halloween decorations, when I came to an unadvertised sale. I visited for a bit and then started up the driveway. I noticed a very old, dilapidated, bird house and a couple of bird feeders. They saw me looking and said that that area was their free area. I told them that I thought the bird house had character. The gentleman laughed and said, "Oh, most of our things have character!" He told me to go ahead and take it. It was really dirty and full of nesting material and a few bugs as well. I really worried about putting it in my car, but threw caution to the wind and home it came with me. Now, Joe might not see it the way I do. To me, it looks like a place that a bird family will thrive. When I get my camera, I'll take a picture and show it to you. For now, you'll just have to use your imagination and picture an old brown tumble down building with a peaked roof. A board is loosely hanging from the roof, a rusty crooked wire to hang, and a full house of nesting material and no way to open it to clean it. There it sits in my little garden. Today, I am going out to take another look and see what I can do about getting the stuff out and then....where to hang it?

It's a nice day today....sunny but chilly. The leaves are falling fast and we are beyond peak in our area. Morning drives to the pool offer us another view....steam coming off the Rock River and over it...geese in formation. Fall is here and winter is in the wings.
Enjoy this fall weather. I still haven't gone on my picnic. Hope this week is nice so we can do that. 


  1. It all sounds lovely and a time of contentment.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Balisha, today cooked my butternut squash for soup - like you said
    but I pierced with the ice pick.
    Oh my
    a wonderful sale in the close small town
    but did not go
    do not need anything els
    and I envy the bird house and feeder :)

  3. I just realized, I do not have one single bird house!!
    I think I need one!
    Maybe ask for one for Christmas?

  4. There's some bird family just meant for that house :)