Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Cozy Place by Balisha

Everyone needs a cozy place. A place to sit and read, knit, sip tea, or just be alone...away from the noises of the house. My little place used to be in the breakfast nook....right near the sliding glass doors. I could look out the window at the bird feeders and the woods. Yesterday I was in the mood to switch things around....and switch I did. My dear friend Ruth used to say, "Looks like the wind blew through here!" whenever I changed furniture around. Things weren't so heavy then and I was much things got moved around more often. Now days I must move little things and our heavy furniture stays in the same place. So, doing what I did yesterday, gave me a feeling of accomplishment as well as something new to look at. I just hung a bird feeder out the window my chair and filled the feeders. 

Windows become so important in the winter. I like mine to be shiny clean and the window swags freshly laundered. I'm not a fan of heavy draperies or I have swags on all the windows. Some are lace and the new ones are a swags of red and white toile fabric with birds. The dining room has drapery swags with a floral print. 

Now that I am in the front of the house....I sit awhile and look out the window and think of how I could make winter window watching more interesting. Thus came the feeder. When Christmas comes, the railing of the porch will be decorated with greens and red cardinals....white lights. 

Looking out the window will give me more to look at. People going by, kids getting off the school bus, the mail lady, delivery people, and company coming in the drive. I will still have the birds to watch and squirrels too. (Last week 15 wild turkeys were in our neighborhood)

This isn't a place just for looking out the window. I'll have a new place to sit and read for a bit, and listen to my little radio on Sat. morning. I often get up before it will be a quiet place for me to start my day. This collectible plate hangs near my cozy spot. Here's a little poem this morning....

My Cozy Place by Balisha

I love a little cozy place  to sit so quietly..
To see outside the window at clouds and pretty trees.
The birds that come to visit for seed most everyday..
A squirrel who delights me with his entertaining ways.
A favorite quilt, a candle bright, some lovely potpourri..
My mother's table, with a book, sits very close to me.
 A special place for me to sit and plan my life ahead..
I'll think of mostly pleasant things... not of a life I'll dread. 
Now, I have that cozy spot to read and do some things...
A place to just enjoy myself... until a sign of spring.

I hope this encourages you to make a little cozy place for you to sit this winter. It doesn't have to be big, fancy and grand....just a little spot off the beaten path inside your house....hopefully with a window. If not a window...a pretty picture or mirror to look at. You don't need a old chair that you've been meaning to fix up with pillows... and a throw or little quilt over the back, to cover up with. A place to have a little snack and read the paper or a book. A place to pray and meditate perhaps. Let me know if this inspires you to fix up a spot for yourself in your home. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Your poem is delightful :)

    How funny to read this when I was just thinking not too long ago how I'll have to get used to quilting and reading while sitting on the loveseat lounge thing in my living room again versus the porch.While the temps have gone to around 61-63 in the afternoons the last few days it's been so windy that it feels far colder. I have to mentally adjust to an indoor cozy space now just as you are :)

  2. Love your poem and your cozy little spot. I have several spots around the house...the right-hand side of the sofa in the living room; the red chair in my office; or simply, my bed. Depends on my mood and what I'm doing (reading, on the laptop) to determine where I sit.

  3. Balisha...your spots are just perfect and I see the importance of having a place that satisfies your senses. My usual place at the kitchen nook looks at the front yard and all that you mentioned, the activity. My new spot at the table that looks out at my backyard is so peaceful,,,so full of nature I love to see. I will have that Woman Cave soon but sadly, there area has no is a room that connects two hallways..odd I know. I will have my TV. Something I've wanted and I can read the closed caption on. Sounds opposite of peaceful but something I just don't have and look forward to!

    Jane xx

  4. Meant to say the poem is wonderful! :)

    Jane x

  5. You are right about having a cozy spot to see outside, especially in the winter. I love spotting the cardinals and always feel they are a sign of good things to come :-)