Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My First Pair of Garden Gloves

My mother wasn't a gardener. She never owned a pair of garden gloves. She was a very stylish woman, who enjoyed making a home for us. Her strengths were in the kitchen and decorating. Our small house was very pretty. She was one of the first to cut figures out of wall paper and apply them to the walls or ceiling. My bedroom had rose wall paper in the dormer and the same roses were carefully cut out and applied to the ceiling. The same for the kitchen. She cut out the little Dutch girls and boys and put them on the wall. This was her way of saving money, not having to buy a lot of wall paper.....and still having the illusion of wallpaper on her walls. 
She saved money in her clothing too. She used to take an organdy dickie and dress up an old black or navy dress. She often changed collars and cuffs so she could have something fashionable to wear.
In the days when I was growing up....the girls and moms wore white gloves. Going to Church found us dressed to the  nines. We always had "Sunday clothes" After Church we would come home and change right away to take care of these clothes. 
This is where the story takes a turn. My dad was a wonderful gardener. His garden was the envy of the neighborhood. Straight weeds....good crops....all from his careful tending. He worked long hours, and not having a car meant that he walked many miles to work each afternoon. He gardened with such a passion. I can see him now in his white t shirt and long pants (no shorts for men at that time) and his leather garden gloves. Those leather gloves were the only expensive thing he owned for gardening. He had the same pair for years. He took special care of them at the end of gardening season.....rubbing them with oil and storing them carefully until next year. Well, one day he needed me to help him. I didn't have any garden gloves....only my Church gloves. I ran to the dresser and got my gloves out and went and helped Dad. I tried to wash them before Mom saw them, but they didn't come clean. Sunday came and I appeared with no gloves. Mom said, "Run and get your gloves." I had to tell her. That's how I got my first pair of garden gloves....and I think about it every time I put my old worn leather gloves on my hands.
The picture shows a planter made out of cement and a pair of garden gloves. I thought it was unique and would show it to you here today. I have the website if anyone is interested in making them. If you decide to make these...let us see a picture of your hand planter. I have a planter that was given to me as a gift that is much like this. It's supposed to be God's hand.
This is another pool day. It's cloudy out and cool. The leaves are coming down fast now.
The little chipmunk is at the feeder in the window....looking in at me. His cheeks are stuffed with seed....he's preparing his larder for the coming season. Winter...hope he and his family are safe this year. It wouldn't be the same without his antics in my garden.


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    1. It's funny how a blog post can begin. I had no intentions of writing about this today. As I sat here looking at gardening gloves, I thought again...of this memory of my childhood. Some posts are more sentimental than others. I have some wonderful memories to write about yet. My children will have these stories in my books when I am gone. They read my blog, and are learning a lot about what made their Mom the way she is.

  2. I remember too, when Church was a formal affair! We always were dressed in our very best and came home to change right away. Sometimes my mother would have us line up for a family photo when we all looked presentable! I miss those days, so long ago. :) Thanks for making me remember.

    1. I still dress up a little for Church. I just think that it shows respect... in some way. The "new" way of dressing in shorts, sandals, T shirts is OK....I guess. At least they are making it easy and comfortable for young people to come to Church. I miss the days of long ago too.

  3. Balisha, I think you touch every heart of those who know you, even not having met you in person..your goodness shines.
    I won't make the hands, I know I won't..but I loved seeing yours. I still plant and work in my yard and hopefully will always be able to do that..but I very seldom make anything. If I ever find a pair for sale, I will buy it and add it to my garden. It's amazing.

  4. Mona....Thank you so much for your compliment. I was raised by a loving many people had the opposite to deal with.

    I haven't made a planter yet. The one shown is from the website. My hands are put away for the winter, or I would have shown them. I don't make complicated things anymore. Simple is the way I go.

  5. My Mother was the same, only we had cut-out Dutch Tulips pasted on the cupboard doors
    Don't you just love that planter???

  6. Reading this I could see my grandfather's hands with his big leather garden gloves! :)