Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm an Old Fuddy Duddy

Today is the day that I get my new camera. Another gadget to learn about.. I thought. In these later years, I find that I want to live a more simplified  life. My time on earth is getting shorter. I want to savor each and every moment. So, when choosing a camera, I picked out one that is easy to use. Not trying for the best attempts at spectacular closeups anymore. That isn't important to me now. Just a simple camera that I can use to take pics of family and to use for my blogging. I'm looking forward to using it and not having to sit down and read through a book of instructions and getting so frustrated while doing it.  

There are manuals for every appliance that comes in the door. It has always been a habit of mine to read through the whole thing before using the appliance.....even though I often use the same buttons over and over and don't try out the "special features" I have often said that I need just an on and off button. Maybe I'm a frustrated old soul when it comes to technology.....thinking about Mom's first automatic washer that didn't need a manual. We just plugged it in and started it up. 

I know that I sound like an old fuddy duddy....but it's how I really feel. What would I rather do....sit and read a manual back and forth while looking at the camera ...finding A and B then skipping to Z in tiny print....going back to see what it says again....having it fail and having to reread something....or go outside and finish up the fall work. Just some little fun sprinkling my wildflower seeds along the woods border. I have an old birdhouse to take care of too. Filling the bird feeders is a pleasant thing to do.When the camera comes, I will be able to take a few pictures right away. No trying to read with a magnifying glass...print that is meant for a teenager.

This post will not be understood by my children...who revel in all things that technology brings.  All the latest gadgets...especially phones, that they find that they must have. I would just explain to them that one day I was very much like they are....I wanted the latest refrigerator, tv, the new Princess phone, cell phone that was huge, the ability to record a tv show, a Ford station wagon, teflon pans, fabric softeners, frozen foods, and countless other things. Just recently a Keurig. I've been through that already....there will come a time when you younger folks will remember back to today and find that the things you coveted are obsolete. Things are changing so quickly now.....maybe you all should just breathe and take life a little simpler. Figure out what is really important in life. Your gadget or your spare time.

So, off I go, while Joe is at the pool. A morning to myself and one that I will spend outdoors. 

an update.....
The camera is here and this old fuddy duddy had no problem getting it hooked up. Now, to take a couple of pictures.


  1. I understand your words
    and continue to simplify.
    My days fly by and my to do list
    does not seem to get any shorter.
    I think
    I am not going to win...

  2. I guess that there's no winning or losing....just adapting. I was just out to do a few things and had to come in early. I was determined to finish up, but I had to come in early. I sometimes feel like a salmon swimming upstream.
    Have a nice afternoon,

  3. I never read instruction manuals, especially for things like cameras! They're way too long and I just don't have the patience. Perhaps you could look on youtube for a short(ish) instructional video. That might be a bit easier. I now have a fancy pants DSLR camera and I have no idea how to use it except for the automatic setting. I can't shoot in manual and have no idea how to fool around with the lighting, ISO, f-stops, etc. But, I'm determined to learn! It'll be one of my projects for this winter.

  4. Like you, I have a simple camera that does not take good closeups but it is good enough for what I use it for. I don't do well with new things! Especially this time of year, I enjoy getting out in the yard to enjoy the pleasant weather.
    Hope you have a good evening.