Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Day So Far

Here's the road to our house. The trees are across the street from Elizabeth's house. People stop to take wedding, homecoming and other pictures here.
Trying to decide if I've done enough for one day....or should I go out and plant the bulbs and my fall work will be over. I worked my fanny off this morning....cutting down the anemones (all except the white ones that are still beautiful) and cleaning up the bed on the west side of the house. It all looks so bare right now. I love when the pine needles fall from next door and they leave a blanket over my perennials.

I found this from last year....Some might call my garden “uncontrolled” but I call it wildlife-friendly. The beauty of it comes not just from the plants but from the birds, bees, butterflies, amphibians, mammals etc which have been made welcome by my creating habitats for them. Everyone can do the same by just being a little bit more uncontrolled. After the harvest, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour and leave the garden to look after itself and the wildlife. Being too tidy is the eighth deadly sin.

The last of the fall deliveries is here. My new boots fit perfectly and are just what I wanted. I bought an in between jacket in black fleece. I'll get a lot of use out of that. The amaryllis and other bulbs to force are here too. Now, I can stop searching online and just get some projects done.

I've decided to make some little things for the youngest Sunday school classes. I'll show a picture, when I make a few. I was going to use them for bingo prizes, but they look like something that the little kids would like. I'm making doves for the bingo prizes.

Neither Joe nor I wanted to cook the pork chops that I had thawed for yesterday's dinner. I just put them in the crock pot with some mushroom soup and sliced onions. We'll have those tomorrow. I've never cooked pork chops this will be an experiment.

You should see the view out my window here. The trees in the background of the houses across the street....are gorgeous. Blue skies with big puffy clouds. The bright green lawns and a bonfire in the back yard.I love this time of year....everything is so beautiful.

I am gathering some steam....sitting here. I think I will go out and plant the bulbs. I decided to put the mini daffs in Mary's Garden. I came in the house and looked at my pictures from spring this year... to see where I had some blooming. Now, when I go out, I'll know where to plant some. If I get them in soon, they will be covered with that pine needle blanket.

Now that my work is over outside....I can get on with plans for Thanksgiving. Everyone in our family is invited and I'm waiting for them to let me know if they'll be here. I love holidays with family all together..and Thanksgiving is such a special time. My Thanksgivings are very casual....with good food....comfortable or football...and pies....pecan and pumpkin :)
I'm off to plant the bulbs...Balisha


  1. Lovely! Today was garden cleanup here. Alas, I have come down with a cold so my husband did most.


  2. Hope your cold doesn't last long......sometimes they are hard to get rid of in nice weather. Have some tea with lemon and honey.

  3. Beautiful trees!!!! Sounds like you got a lot done today. I'm still clearing out the vegetable garden. No killing frost yet. I just have to get started because there are holidays to plan for and I'd rather clean it with warm afternoons than with snow threatening!

  4. I feel like such a lazy slug reading all you're accomplishing. Lol. I love this time of year. Your photos are gorgeous. I do like living where we have this beautiful season. I need to dig my carrots and get my dahlias out of the ground so they don't freeze.

  5. What a gorgeous picture of that breathtaking foliage and now I am craving pecan pie :)

  6. Your place is always so beautiful! Stay right in there!