Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September by Balisha

                       September by Balisha

September things are on my mind... today as I sit here,
A bright blue sky with puffy clouds this special time of year.
A leaf falls down and hits the lawn creating quite a stir,
It seems that summer might be gone...we may even shed a tear.
But hold your tears my friends online... so much is yet to come,
Taffy apples and some  cider... and a pumpkin patch for fun.
Chrysanthemums  are in each yard....wearing lovely colors of fall,
Piles of leaves along the road for kids to have a ball..
Crispy apples, pumpkin bread and squash for meals to please,
Crafts handmade, and Church bazaars with gifts a Christmas tease.
A bonfire with a hot dog roast and s'mores to enjoy last..
The gooey we remember childhood past.
The month is here, so have some fun and never look ahead..
The next season is in the wings...the one that we all dread.



  1. This is just lovely, Balisha! I love this time of year. At the orchard this week, they were getting the corn maze ready. Won't be long til pumpkins are for sale. We are still hot here in GA but my sis in MO says their mornings are in the 40's.

  2. Very, very sweet and really have a great understanding of this wonderful time of year!

    Jane xxx

  3. We have had such a cool summer that I can't believe Autumn is nearly here--I think I am still waiting for summer!

  4. I just read your post..and were I near, I would have hugged you SO hard! :) What is it about certain blogger friends that grabs our hearts and won't let go.
    I just looked down and saw the backs of my hands were covered with damp cut grass from trimming around the stones under the back yard arbor. Our extra flag stones were laid and I was trying to be patient while the grass covered the new dirt between them..and now they ARE covered. For some reason I love trimming that bit of grass.. but didn't think to check the backs of my hands as I rushed inside brushing off my feet and jeans. And...yes, I just blew fresh grass from my key board. :)
    I just loved your way of rhyming your story of Fall on it's way, and all we have to look forward to. Winter? I haven't even worn a coat here for the past two years...the heaviest has been a sweater.
    You've eased us on toward Fall, reminding us of how much we have to look forward to. Our pear tree is beginning to turn a lovely shade of yellow...and we know what is coming. Cold or not...our leaves FALL and we are grateful for that. So far not a pumpkin available here in So. California, anywhere. It just finished pouring rain..high's the hurricane coming up our coast from Mexico...
    My love to you...I am glad you are in my life, Balisha!