Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fabulous Four and the 4th of July

Here are the fabulous four. They are wonderful grand kids. Always busy and so many different interests. How are they spending the 4th? Here's a brief tale for each.

Tyler is a member of a group called Project Two. He is in college and has been a part of this group since 2007, when they were called the Jersey Kids. Tyler is the one in the middle.  Go on the internet to find out information on this very successful group. They were busy this 4th with a concert at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I heard that it was a wonderful concert. They had the perfect day for it.

Collin, who is still in high school loves the out of doors. He and his friends have been at my daughter's lake house all week. She just arrived yesterday....and more company is coming today. Collin and friends are in the canoe. Collin is on the far left. They got her potter's wheel out and make some pottery. I'll show pictures sometime next week.
Here's the new bride. Xoie got married this summer and lives in No. Carolina. When she married Kyle....she got a bonus...a little boy named Cliff who calls her mommy. She's such a happy wife and mom. I'm sure she's doing all kinds of mommy things on this first 4th of July with her little family. I miss her.
Last, but not least, the oldest....Sydney. She and her boyfriend, Dave made a cross country drive to Seattle for a friend's wedding. She has posted pictures of their trip on FB at every stop. I almost felt like I was with them. The latest news from the road.....a phone call saying that Dave proposed, and gave Syd a beautiful ring. No date set for this happy couple. They are going to a rodeo today and will be on their way home after that.

So, now you know what all my grands are doing. Each one is different. They had parents who cultivated their differences and gave them so many unique experiences when they were growing up. I think that John and Karen did a terrific job raising these kids. Happy 4th to all of safe.
Love you,


  1. I really agree with the comment about my parents. I can only hope I'll be half as good at parenting as they are. I miss you too Grandma!

  2. Hey, Xoie...You have a good start. Just keep your family first and remember to keep faith and love in your heart.
    Miss you too....Love, Me

  3. I too share that "relief" that my first 5 grandchildren have grown up in a wonderful home and are very happy and successful. You need to take some credit too. The Grand's parents learned their parenting skills from you!!!

  4. You are blessed with wonderful grandchildren. It was very sweet to read about each one of them.