Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shivering Pets

Here's John and one of his 4th of July creations. He has made a couple of delicious desserts for this holiday...full of whipped cream and fresh fruits.
I have a little poem that I wrote just for this special day. Not your run of the mill patriotic poem, but a message that is important.

Shivering Pets by Balisha

It was the 4th and all was was a peaceful sight..
Everyone was getting ready to celebrate tonight.
The food was looked so yummy..
We all were ready to fill our tummys.
When out of the blue a loud, loud sound..
It came so fast as I turned around.
The cake in my hand began to slip..
I almost dropped it as it hit my hip.
When I looked down at the floor below...
I saw our pup just shaking so.
He shivered and shook..his eyes teared up..
I picked him up and hugged that pup.
He looked at me with eyes of dread..
He ran away and went under the bed.
I left him there and shut the door...
Firecrackers, sparklers, rockets and more.
I went back to check him and he was gone..
I looked all around till he was found.
He was in the closet... under some clothes..
I found him shaking...he had a wet nose.
I sat with him on the closet floor..
Gave him a hug and told him once more.
"There, there little will soon be done..
Tomorrow you'll play and have some fun."
It didn't help my dog that day..
So, here I am and I want to say.
Be kind to your pets tomorrow  please..
Treat them calmly and see to their needs.
When the noise stops and the world is at peace..
Give them a hug and maybe some treats.

Our dogs have all been afraid of the 4th of July. I have heard about "Thunder shirts" now....if they had been available I would have bought one. The 4th of July is on record for the loss of more animals than any other time of the year. Be kind to all the pets tomorrow.



  1. I wish they made Thunder Shirts for humans--I would have one!

  2. We are very lucky to live in a quiet area. We hear very little fireworks here and it is mostly blocks away. Missy has not been afraid..