Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Critters for June

It's time to show the critters for June. We will still be making them, but not joining the link party...because of people dropping out. I will finish this project though, because I have a little woodland tree just waiting for these cute little animals. Sunday, when the kids were here, I almost felt selfish when they were playing with them. I wanted to give them away...but then thought of all the work that I've put into them and how cute they will look on my selfishness won out. Here they are and a little poem to go with them this month. 
The Pig and the Cat by Balisha

Each month we get patterns for critters you know..
A fun project for me...I love sewing so.
A little felt and a stitch or two..
Gives me something that I can do.
This month a pig is high on the list..
A cat is the next... her tail in a twist.
A bear and an owl...a fox that's not mean..
A cardinal of red and a turtle of green.
My little tree waits for Christmas next year..
Critters upon it will bring us much cheer.


  1. These are such cute little critters.


  2. Adorable poem and stitching! Of course, I love the CAT!