Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Saturday, April 26, 2014

John's Birthday

Today is John's birthday...and we should celebrate..
The 26th of April is his special date.
Years ago, a sign was made and put in a window near.
Happy Birthday 5 year old...was what it said that year.
Thinking of this birthday.... when he was a little boy...
His older brother, Tim, broke his brand new toy.
LuAnn, his sister, looking on, with a sad look on her face..
She wanted just to play with it...but that wouldn't be the case.
His birthday cake with Winnie the Pooh...from a bakery at the store..
The candles lit and then blown out and the kids were saying.. more.
Now, he's a man and all grown up, he's the first to shout a cheer..
He lights the candles and scoops ice cream for parties every year.
So, let's hang the sign, and bake the cake, a party is in store..
For John the birthday celebrating life once more.

Happy Birthday John....Love you, Mom and Joe


  1. What a neat poem! You are so creative, Balisha!

  2. Might be cute to get him another cake with Pooh Bear on top, LOL.
    Happy Birthday, John

  3. Oh another April baby. They grow up so fast or time flies I guess sometimes looking back. Have a wonderful weekend.