Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

This is Earth day....Enjoy the out of doors today. If it's rainy or can still find some beauty here on earth. Make it a habit to pick up trash instead of tossing it on the ground....If we all do our part...we can make it more beautiful.
So many colorful birds here this morning. Finches with their rosy feathers, a papa Cardinal feeding his lady, a noisy Chickadee grabbing a seed and running, a Nuthatch doing the same, a Cowbird with it's brown head. The sparrows tend to go to the back feeder and the others are here in my window feeder this morning. They are almost as colorful as the bouquet of flowers that my grand daughter brought on Easter. What a mixture of beauty..

I have daffodils blooming, but nary a tulip. They are too hard to grow here because of little creatures relishing those tasty bulbs. I guess that I could plant them under some chicken wire, but in the fall, I tend to go out on the coldest day to plant and I never take the time. My daughter has brought me countless bouquets of tulips. These are in a glass container. I've never seen this done before.

 My grandsons came with a fern for grandma. It seems that grandmas used to always have ferns. I really don't have a shady place for this it will stay in the a north window. It's fronds are so lacy and delicate.
 An oriental lily from my daughter in law. This one can be planted outside when the weather permits. It smells heavenly in our house. I love the fragrance of lilies.I love the color.
 This hanging basket is from her too. I think that the basket is so neat. When I started looking inside the planter, I found geraniums, impatiens, bacopa and another little blue flower. I put this in a semi shady spot...the only place I could find. It should look beautiful as it grows.
I also received a gift card from my daughter in a greenhouse that is a favorite of mine. When I'm tired of shopping for flowers (am I ever tired of this past time?) Joe and I will go to Red Lobster and have a meal...using the gift card from son John.
Well, no pictures of people, but pictures of a wonderful array of presents. We had a great time and the best thing was being able to share with grand daughter in N. Carolina by skype. It was almost like having her here.
Today I'm having my eyes examined. I hope things go well there. My vision has really changed since last year. Wish me luck.


  1. Lovely gifts...your family certainly knows of your love of flowers. Sounds as if you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. Luck with the eyes. I love all your Easter gifts--especially the Star Gazer Lily (oriental), one of my most favorites because of the scent. You are truly blest.

  3. Happy Earth Day! Beautiful gifts! I love ferns but I just can't grow them for long, they need just the right spot!

  4. I hope your eye appointment went well. You got so many lovely things beautiful flowers and gift certificates you have a very generous and loving family.

  5. Such a thoughtful family you have. Your flowers are all so beautiful!