Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Frozen Treat

Here I am...the first breath of warm weather craving something cold to eat. I was grocery shopping and looking for something...I didn't know what....just something that would satisfy my taste buds. There they were in the freezer section....Edy's Coconut treats. Which one would I buy? I decided on the plain coconut bar...knowing that I could try the other as soon as this package is finished. the one with coconut water has half the calories of the other...Of course I opted for more calories :)
I got them home and popped them in the freezer. Later in the evening, I decided to have one. I bit into the frosty delight and was surprised by the flakes of real coconut in each bite. Now, if you are a coconut lover  (as I am) you will love these treats.
They are full of coconut and have a very coconutty flavor.Last year I tried the fruit bars and wasn't disappointed. This year I was ready for something new...Speaking of something new....Edy's now carry a full line of fruit bars along with fruit and veggie combination bars. Flavors like Tangerine-Carrot, Apple and Greens, Strawberry Rhubarb (be still my heart) Blueberry Medley, and Peach Mango. These are not your usual watered down flavors. A full flavored chilled treat for summer. Try it... you'll like it!


  1. Thanks for telling me about those, Balisha. My favorite treat is a small Sonic Blast with candy in them. I looked them up yesterday and they are a whopping 850 calories!. I couldn't believe it! Now I will have a guilty conscious every time I break down and have one.

    But life is too short to deny oneself. :)

  2. I LOVE COCONUT!!! I use coconut oil on my skin--all over;arms, legs, feet, hands, body. I smell like a blinking tropical island!

  3. My husband loves coconut! Thanks for the review of these. I would love to try one of the combo bars.
    Thanks for your kind wishes for our move.
    God bless.

  4. I do love coconut / will have to try these! :)