Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Safely In the Arms of Jesus

Hello all,
My lovely wife Patrica J. Cerasa, lost her fight with ovarian cancer at 12:34 PM yesterday and went safely to the arms of Jesus and all of those in her family that have gone before her. Her family was by her side right up to the end. I will miss her terribly. Please pray for her soul and for all of us left behind.

Peace be with you all,
Joe Cerasa

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dear friends. There comes a time when life as we know it must end it has come for me. I am in serenity house  it's a lovely place to. Spend my last days  beautiful room with sliding glass doors overlooking. Bird feeders French doors into small living room for family to sleep  meals, anything I want no visiting hours.  Visitors anytime. A peaceful place with loving workers. I'm happy here I am texting this post.   Hard for me to do I just wanted to tell you all what you mean to me. Love comes along in our lives and I feel so lucky to have all of you so, good bye for now. Someday we will meet again.     Balisha. Xoxo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Morning by Balisha Balisha

Waking up this morning....I'm in my cozy bed,
I heard a birdie singing and this is what he said...
"Good morning dear Balisha...I'm visiting from above,
The skies are clear and beautiful and I am full of love.
I came so early to cheer you up and make you feel OK..
Some other friends are here with me and this is what they say"..
The little wren (my favorite) brings songs so full of joy...
The robin with his winter being oh so coy..
The black bird on the too shy to come down..
He squawks his message from above..his face is in a frown.
The chipmunk  out of hiding he gives his little grin...
The possum shyly gives a smile....and turns to go back in.
The sun is  up ... gives me a nod  and stops to say hello..
A sunny day is what we need to warm us down below.
I turn toward the downy bed to rest a little more...
All is well today... a good day is in store.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Simple Pleasure:

Warm blanket from Karen.

Sunny day today. Not such a good day. Maybe afternoon will be better.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

 This is an old picture..

Simple Pleasures for Valentine's Day...
Feeling loved by family and friends.

This is a good day. We are pretty much alone today, because of weather. Roads are hazardous and I wouldn't want family to take any chances. So, Joe and I are here alone and it's quite nice. I got a box of Pixies from him and because I had nothing for him....I ordered a dozen boxes of bran muffin mix from Amazon. He loves my bran muffins and this way he can mix them and I might be able to cut up the fruit to go in. Another simple pleasure.


Friday, February 13, 2015

HoW Can I Not Respond?

How can I not respond?....Sitting here reading a few posts from others, and just itching to touch the keys. I love this blog and can't seem to stop. The chair is still most comfortable. Maybe I can post a short one....just to keep on going.
Your comments are so lovely......I am so touched by the out pouring of love and prayer.
I'll leave with a ...

Simple Pleasure of the day....

Sitting on the edge of  my bed, at 2:30  am eating a cinnamon muffin..... made by my neighbor, Terry...So good!
Balisha... Hugs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Last Post

This is so hard for me....I think this might be my last post on the blog that has been my way of speaking to so many for several years.
I am at home with hospice care right now. It was totally my decision to bring this to an end...after hearing that my ov.. cancer was stage 4 and involved my bowel system too. The chemo treatments are so hard  and with that diagnosis...I saw no real future except that of dr visits, hosp, surgery down the road, and just ending my life feeling like I do now. Without treatment I might have 3 months.
During the night, a week or so ago, I was tossing and turning and sleep wouldn't come. I made the decision to stop treatment and try to live what is the end of my life with some dignity, family around with their wonderful memories, Joe and I here at home, some peace and beauty and most of all wonderful people.
I awoke that morning, and felt at peace with my decision. A calm came over me and the fears were gone. When I looked in my children's heart just broke. They might have wanted me to continue, but after our talk, they knew that their Mom was making the right choice.
So, the treatment was stopped and I came home to hospice care. I'll be here until I am too much for Joe to take care of. Then I will go to Serenity House Hospice.....a facility for 8 patients nearby. The very best place for this care.
Our Church has been wonderful...sending meals, prayers, communion at home, visits, Priests coming to call etc. Most of all, they are caring for Joe too. He has been here, not in good health himself, caring for me.
While trying to focus on happier mind always came to this blog. I have loved keeping this journal....loved making so many caring friends that I never would meet. I felt your compassion when my son passed and now feel it for me. I can't name you all, but you know that you are all in my heart.
Deb, thank you for the beautiful flowers .....they arrived just as I came home from the hosp. Please know how much I enjoyed them. Please don't feel that any of you need send flowers or anything. I am a simple woman, who may sit here and read your comments and feel the love.
I sit here typing, for the first time, with my oxygen and hair falling out. Don't I paint a pretty picture? Today comes the haircut and a visit from an old friend.
So, my friends, this is maybe a good bye. Thanks for always reading and know that each of you has a special place in my heart. My heart is bursting with love right now. So, continue on with your blogs and be sure to enjoy each moment that God gives you. The time might be short.
I feel that God gave me a gift.....the last days of my life to tell family and friends how much I love  and cherish them.