Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Women Caring for Women

I found this today and thought it was so sweet. It reminded me of my Grandma... and all the time she took with me. I was just big enough to reach the kitchen sink, with the help of a chair, when she started giving me cooking lessons :) Well, they weren't really lessons, but I thought so at the time. She would take one of her aprons and fold it over so it would fit me.She'd be peeling potatoes or carrots and the peelings would drop in the sink. She could peel an apple and keep the peeling intact until the whole apple was peeled. I thought this was magic. I would have the water on....what kid doesn't like to play in the sink with the water running? The peelings would be washed over and over and then arranged on a plate in a pretty fashion. Sometimes she would use a couple of eggs and the shells would be mine. I arranged the peelings around the egg shells that could be full of most anything. She would be going from sink to stove....just letting me be and not scolding. She had the patience of Job.
My Mom was always super busy in the kitchen and really had no time for me to play, while she cooked. It was war time and she had all she could manage at home....keeping everything going from stoking the furnace to working in yard goods at Ackemann's Dept Store. I really didn't feel badly that she didn't take the time with me that Grandma did.... as I remember. It was just the way things had to be. I think that she missed out on a lot of together time with me, but I saw what a good Mom she could be with my brother...who came into the world after the war. At that time, she was home and able to be there for both of us. She was an involved Mom, once she had the time to be.
Thank heavens for Grandmas. They do take the time to be a kid's best friend.
When Grandma was very old and needed someone to care for Mom was the daughter that Grandma depended on. Grandma came to live in the upstairs bedroom. She was bed ridden and Mom had to do everything for her. The aunts would come in and take over once in a while, but it was Mom who gave that loving care to her Mother. So, in my life, I've seen my Mother do what God planned for her. She made a wonderful home for us and also for Grandma, when she needed it.
I guess that our lives aren't always what we wish at the time, but just waiting a few years and it all changes. My Grandma helped me when I needed it, my Mom helped Grandma when she needed it, and much later on I helped my Mom.
This should have been a Mother's Day post, but I just thought about it this morning, when I saw the little verse above.


  1. Ah now this made me all teary...thinking about my grandmother! :) She lived next door so oh boy did I ever have it good :)

  2. By they way I planted 5 hyacinth beans and nothing happened. I waited and waited. So I got wise and Googled about this and some site said to soak them for a day or two. So I did. Then I planted about 2-3 each, in two little pots. Now the one pot has them coming up excited! The other does not yet... who knows why but at least something's happening ! :)

  3. I just planted mine. Last year I didn't soak them, but maybe I'll soak a few and add them to the already planted pot.
    My grandma moved two doors down from us....I know what you mean.