Simply Balisha

Simply Balisha

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Remembering Tim

The picture is of some forget me nots that I planted a year ago, after my son, Tim passed away. It's been a hard year...filled with firsts. His first birthday in Heaven, first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other special days without him. It's been made easier by having my family here on these occasions. We get together and when we mention Tim, it's always a good memory. One of fun, teasing, laughter....everything that Tim was.
We've done several things to get through this ....We had a little family memorial last 4th of July... at my daughter's in Wi. Our whole family was of Tim's favorite places was at the started a memory garden with the bird bath with a statue of a little boy that Joe bought me. Joe got a paver with his name on it for our Grotto at Church. We had several Masses for him. I had a book made of my blog and I can look back and reread all of the comments from bloggers at that time. Comments, cards, letters, phone calls, visits...all helped ease the pain.
I just finished reading a little book written by my favorite author, Gladys Taber. She had a lifelong friend who died and Gladys wrote this book as she was grieving. This is a quote from the book...

When we dwell in the house of sorrow, we have a long lease on it which cannot be canceled. But eventually another door does open, into a place of quietude and acceptance.  Her book "Another Path" is the key to that door.


  1. Balisha, thank you for this quote. I have not lost a child
    but many dear to me.
    I have experienced past deep personal sorrow,
    but after a while a door opened for me for a new way of life.
    God is so Good.....

  2. I am thinking of my sister's son that passed away 20 years ago this Thursday. He was near high school graduation--in fact the open house invitations had already been mailed. Leukemia took him in 3 weeks time. I love this post, Balisha, and the quote. Gladys Tabor writes beautiful, thoughtful and really helpful words.

  3. Ernestine and Judy,
    I've found that there is no loss as sad as a child, but it is something that we have to face once in a while. It makes you hold on to the ones
    remaining all the more. I find I worry about their travel more now. I guess it's a natural thing to do.
    Thanks for your kind remarks...Balisha

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Balisha. I know your heart still aches for your son and I hope in time it hurts less.


  5. I needed a hug today....Thankyou..

    The comments that you post here are helping so much.

  6. Oh, Balisha...what a beautiful quote from her book. No, the sorrow could never go away and oftentimes arises fresh...I see this with my son's fiancee who lost her little four month old baby several years ago. At first I don't know how anyone could even bear the heavy burden of the pain...over time it does not really lessen but becomes a bit lighter, and then it arises sometimes again...i think the last time she spoke of it was at her twins comes up so fresh and hard it leaves her gasping. I imagine that it is no different for you sometimes. Hugs and prayers is all we can offer but hopefully they lighten the load a wee bit as we lift you up to The Lord....:( Well I am going to cry with you now a bit :)

  7. Hi Deb,
    I just talked to my daughter and we were talking about our feelings yesterday. It was a day of remembering....we tried to remember the good and not the last week of his life. Hugs and prayers help....and thank you for your comments.

    That quote really says it all. She said that she wrote this book to help her through her sorrow and then to help others who were going through similar experiences. I got the book from the library and then I decided to buy it, used, from Amazon.